32mm Axle Drop Plates

32mm Axle Drop Plates


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32mm Axle Drop Plates to suit 45mm to 50mm steel axle beams

32mm axle drop plates lower axles by 3-inch, or 4-inch. Plates to fit a variety of 45mm and 50mm axles and stubs.

Suitable for horse floats and boat trailers. OEM prices are available.

Question: What size drop plates are known to lower my caravan

Answer: Drop plates decrease the height of the axle from the ground to suit various size stub axles and beams.

  • 45mm Square Beam to 45mm round Stub - 3-inch
  • 45mm Square Beam to 45mm round Stub - 4 inch
  • 50mm Square Beam to 45mm round Stub - 4 inch
  • 50mm Square Beam to 56mm round Stub - 4-inch

broken 25mm drop plateThe thickness of the drop plates is critically essential. Plates installed on axle assemblies less than 32mm in width can result in disastrous consequences.

Couplemate recommends using Australian-made 32mm drop plates cut from virgin steel.

A 25mm drop plate in the right-hand image is too small for the independent rubber suspension axle build.

In this case, the drop plate is not engineered well enough to prevent shock loading when the rig hits a gutter on a roundabout.

IRS Axles and Drop Axles with Thin Plates causing Problems

Additionally, installing bearing buddies on drum braked axles is not a good idea. Excess grease contaminates brake shoes rendering them ineffective during a braking event.

Finally, all drop plate assemblies built by Couplemate are 32mm wide. Some narrower plates can twist under extreme loads and cornering. This action stresses u-bolts and other suspension trailers parts like shackles and bearings.

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