Trailer Axle Nut Kit

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Trailer Axle Nut Kit

The Trailer axle nut kit includes a castellated nut, washer and split pin.

Axle nut kits are suitable for the following axle sets

  • Slimline – Ford
  • Standard – Holden
  • Parallel
  • Pre-loaded washer lit to suit Active Fabrication parallel Drums
  • 2t Alko
  • 3t Alko

Alko axle nut specifications.

The purpose of the castellations is to lock the split pin into a castellation to prevent it from dislodging.

3/4″ castle nuts are a UNF fine thread.

Bend half of the split pin forward across the end of the axle. The other half, or the shorter half, should be bent back towards the bearing.

When bending 1/2 pin back towards the bearing, the pin is flat on the axle nut and not sticking into the bearing.

Axle split pins are an essential part of the axle assembly. The entire hub assembly and wheel will detach from your trailer or caravan without the humble split pin.

Other axle nut parts are located below

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2 cm
Axle Nuts, Washers

AF Kit – 12tpi, Alko 2t Kit – 14tpi, Alko 3t Kit – 12tpi, Standard 1-inch x Kit – 12tpi, Standard 3/4-inch Kit – 16tpi


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