45mm Round Stub Axle

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45mm Round Stub Axle

45mm Round Stub Axle is rated 1450kg and used on larger trailers with limited width. It is also used on motorcycle sidecars or motorbike trailers.

Select from an electric or marine turn. An electric turn suits both electric and hydraulic backing plates, while a marine turn works on marine or unbraked axles.

Seal Shoulder

The seal shoulder is an essential factor when selecting the correct stub.

  • Electric stubs have a seal that should set back 128mm for standard slimline bearings and 140mm for parallel bearings.
  • Marine stubs have a rear shoulder of 115mm to accommodate a marine seal.

Please measure the back shoulder before ordering.

Towing rated capacity

  • 750kg each or 1450kg per pair when installed on slimline bearings
  • 1600kg per pair when mounted on parallel bearings.

Suitable for welding onto a 45mm Square beam to create an overlay axle. The ideal overlay between the stub axle and the beam axle is 50mm

Trailer Bearing Kit

Inner BearingID 35.00mmOD 59.10mm
Outer BearingID 22.00mmOD 45.20mm
SealID 43.9mmOD 59.10mm
Grease Cap45.20mm

What are the Best Bearings?

We strongly recommend you use only Japanese Bearings.

If you wish for a more substantial capacity on your 45mm round stub, you can use a parallel profile.

Reduce axle flex with a shorter length axle or more oversized diameter axle.

If your camper, caravan or trailer is around 2400mm long, select a 45mm Square Axle for a rating around the 1500kg mark.


Weld 45mm round axles in slimline or parallel configuration onto a solid beam for an overlay axle.

Round axles provide a greater area of weld and penetration than square axles. The welded area is 50mm or greater.

Further, insert 45mm stubs into a 50mm square tube for shorter, lighter rigs. Drill and weld plug holes at the tube’s ends to help remove weld fatigue.

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45mm Round Stub Axle

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Stub Length

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Seal Shoulder



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