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Gas Bottle Holder – Rubber Rings

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Caravan Gas Bottle Holder to suit 4.5kg and 9kg Caravan LPG Gas Bottles

Caravan Gas Bottle Holder to suit 4.5kg gas bottles and 9kg gas bottles. Holders are galvanised steel with a diameter of 260mm and 320mm.

Note: When purchasing a rubber sleeve and holder together, add these items separately to the shopping cart.

Bottle Holder Specifications

  • 9kg bottle holder, 320mm diameter
  • 4.5kg bottle holder, 260mm diameter
  • Adjustability males the 4.5kg model fit 4 kg gas bottles

The handy portable 9kg gas cylinder holder has an adjuster to help tighten the gas cylinder and insulating trim to reduce rattle.

Rubber anti-vibration sleeves

Two sizes of anti-vibration sleeves are available to slip over gas bottles up to 9kg.

Rubber sleeve prevents rattle and extends the life of the gas bottle.

Loosen the adjustable clamp and insert the rubber sleeve over the top of the holder. Insert the gas bottle and re-tighten the ring.

Purchase advanced gas gauge monitor Smartsense Bluetooth® here.

Galvanised and suitable for outdoors.

How to install Gas Bottle Holders

The gas bottle holder incorporates an adjustable and lockable bracket.

If these brackets are unsuitable to be welded, remove them and screw directly into place.

Note: Install these bottle holders in a well-ventilated area. Do not install in a cupboard as gas leaks cause explosions from static electricity or naked flame.

Make outdoor activities simple, secure and Safe

LPG gas falls to the floor when released and stays low. Other flammable gases rise and are often subject is quick disbursement through air movement. LPG has the opposite effect; it sinks to the ground; as a result, it is a hazardous gas.

LPG is heavier than air. As a result, it sinks to the floor and builds in volume until ignited. The source of ignition is usually a pilot light on a gas fridge.

Importantly, check all gas connections after installing gas equipment or during a regular maintenance check. Turn the LPG ON, then paint soapy water over LPG connections and look for bubbles. NO bubbles mean good connection and therefore the installation is in good condition.

If the LPG connection has evidence of bubbles, then remake the connection and re-test. Gas bottle cylinders are suitable as refillers and swapping and go.

Balancing the camper, trailer or caravan.

When planning a long trip into the outback, then a set of jerry cans is a good idea. Fuel stops are few and far between.

Other campers and caravan components include,

Before excess weight is added forward or aft on your rig, check that your rig is balanced?

To correctly balance your rig, you will need a tow ball scale.

Finally, tow ball scales, when used correctly, save tyre and suspension wear.

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