Tailgate Ramp Loader Spring

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Tailgate Ramp Loader Spring

Australian MadeTailgate ramp loader spring to lift horse float ramps and small low loaders.

We used to sell imported springs until we found this spring mad in Regional Queensland. At Couplemate, we are more than happy to support Australian made products and support jobs in our regions.

To be precise, the 14mm and 16mm springs only are made in Australia.

How to select the correct size tailgate ramp spring

Often folks pick the most significant size to make sure the spring is heavy enough for the lift required.

Once installed, with an oversized heavier spring, the horse float tailgate swings up so violently that it slams into the trailer with enough force to create damage.

Let's put some Science into tailgate spring selection. It is critically important to your customer to have an ideal weight when lifting and lowering tailgates.

Buying the correct ramp spring is simple if you follow a few easy steps.

  • You will need a scale, perhaps a bathroom scale.
  • Lower the ramp onto the scale (use a small piece of wood so as not to damage the scale)
  • You now have the weight measurement of the ramp.
  • Select a size of spring that is 10kg more substantial than the scale indication.
  • Once installed, the load on your ramp will be 10kg at the point where it touches the ground.

Car trailers and low loaders use drop or overlay axles. This type of axle lowers the centre of gravity, thereby lowering the trailer.

LInk to parallel overlay axle to lower the trailer.

The image below shows one method of installation


horsefloat tailgate door

  • 14mm - 40kg
  • 16mm - 60kg
  • 17mm - 80kg
  • 19mm - 100kg


  • Small tail - 150mm from the centre of the coil
  • Long-tail - 700mm from the centre of the coil
  • Coil OD - 80mm
  • Coil ID - 55mm

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Horse float, Tailgate and Ramp Loader Springs


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