Trailer Coupling Mount Plate

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Trailer Coupling Mount Plate

Trailer coupling mount plate to suit most applications from 2-hole rectangular couplings to 4-hole triangular couplings. All coupling plates are 6mm.

A trailer coupling mount plate is a metal plate that is welded or bolted to the trailer’s drawbar to provide a mounting point for the trailer coupling.

The mounting plate typically has a number of holes that match the mounting holes on the coupling, and it may also have slots or tabs that help to secure the coupling in place.

Buying and cutting flat steel can be expensive and time-consuming, When manufacturers cut plates to size and pre-drill holes in the correct position for your coupling, you save quite a bit. This is a practical solution for what would otherwise be a difficult job.

Coupling plates are generally 6mm; with chassis rails so close to each other, you simply won’t need thicker material.

Manufacturers pre-drill shackle plates as follows (no, we do not pre-drill these plates to different hole configurations).

  • 100mm for two-hole plates
  • 184mm x 52mm for 4-hole plates.

Weld coupling plates on top of the chassis rails, or under them. When you weld these under the chassis rails,  bolt the coupling between the chassis rails.

This provides a lower attachment point for the trailer or caravan.

Coupling plates suit the following couplings

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