Rubber Wheel Chock – Trailer Stabilisation


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18 in stock

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Rubber Wheel Chock

Rubber wheel chock adapts to secure a caravan or trailer from rolling.

It is made from moulded virgin black rubber. The double-sided design is suitable for light and heavy-duty vehicles such as cars, utes, caravans, buses and trucks.

Caravans, trailers and campers without brakes roll when not secured. A rolling vehicle damages property.

Further to property damage, there is also damage to your vehicle to consider.

The rubber chock is the most popular type of stabilisation chock available.

Further, the Couplemate Trailer guide is a handy wheel stop.

The front and rear surfaces of the chock feature corrugated to assist with stabilisation and help prevent slippage.

We recommend rubber over plastic due to the ability to better grip most surfaces. The portable and compact design makes storage in your vehicle easy and non-invasive.


  • Length 200m
  • Width 120mm
  • Height 100mm

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