DeeMaxx Caliper Mounts

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DeeMaxx caliper mounts to fit a variety of Australian and American axles and mounts. Mounts can be provided that either weld onto your axle or retrofit your existing electric mount plates.

Top Hat rotors to suit electric weld rings are simple to install. Bolt the caliper mount onto your weld ring, fit the top hat rotor and then fit the caliper.

Connect hydraulic brake hoses and bleed.

No welding required for the (Electric Weld Ring Mounts)

What is the difference between integral and top hat?

  • An integral rotor has bearings inside the rotor
  • A top hat rotor fits over the studs on a hub.


DeeMaxx Caliper Mounts

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 3 cm
Select Caliper Mount

39mm Round – 10", 40mm Square Integral 10", 40mm Square Top Hat 10", 45mm Square Integral 10", 45mm Square Top Hat 10", 50mm Square Integral 10", 50mm Square Top Hat 10", 10" Rotor Top Hat Bracket (Suit Weld Rings), 10" Rotor Bracket (Integral to suit Weld Rings), 12" Rotor Top Hat Bracket (Suit Weld Rings)

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