Tow Ball Truck Caravan Scale

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The best recommended towing rigs are sets as follows (no lower)

  • Tandem Axle Coupling =  5% – 7% of the ATM
  • Single Axle Coupling =  7% – 10% of the ATM

Heavier tow ball weights may lift your head lights and lighten your steering.

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Tow ball caravan scale or boat trailer scale is the only way to keep your tow ball weight constant.

Why? When loading your caravan with perishables, your tow ball weight changes if your perishables are not packed evenly over your axles. In the case of boats, stored fuel creates all sorts of dynamic changes to your towing.

What is the best brand of tow ball caravan scales?

There are some no-name brands around and some famous name brands in the caravan market. Personally, I prefer to invest in a quality brand name.

Click this link to view the Hayman Reese to tow ball scale.

How does the tow ball caravan scale work?

Measure your tow ball weight when new or unloaded, then make sure your new loads (water, waste, food, beer, do not change your tow ball weight.)

Tow Ball Caravan Scale is essential equipment for every caravan and truck, in our opinion.

Essential, how so?

Light Tow Ball

The tow ball weight of your caravan or boat trailer is essential to stop your caravan or boat trailer from swaying.

A light tow ball weight causes excessive sway and in some cases makes your boat or caravan un-towable.

Heavy Tow Ball

If your tow ball weight is too heavy then your car suspension can be overloaded causing your headlights to be too high and your boot too close to the ground. It can also create light and unresponsive steering.

Have you ever felt your caravan pushing your car through traffic lights? Yes, your coupling weight is too heavy.

Why does a car’s manufacturer recommend a max tow ball weight?

  • Your headlights are tuned to the max tow ball weight. With max weight on your tow bar, your headlight is at the max allowed altitude down the highway.
  • With max weight your tow bar, your front suspension is light but not light enough to prevent safe steerage.

First-time use of 2000kg Boat Trailer

The first time you use the tow ball caravan scale, estimate your tow ball weight before you jack down your jockey wheel into the tow ball scale.

Using the 5% formula, my coupler weight was thought to be 100kg.

I could not believe my actual weight was 200kg, that is 100kg over my estimate. I was accidentally placing more weight and stress on my vehicle.

What a surprise. I quickly adjusted the coupling weight by moving my boat back only 1″. Easy to do, just loosen the bolts on the winch post and moved the winch post backwards by 25mm.

Re-weighted my coupling weight and it was perfect at 100kg.

The best recommended towing rigs setups are as follows

  • Tandem Axle Coupling =  5% to 7% of the ATM
  • Single Axle Coupling =  7% to 10% of the ATM

A caravan might take a bit more moving essentials in the cupboards.

Please leave a review and tell me your thoughts about this tow ball caravan scale.

Tow Ball Scale Video

How to correctly setup your tow ball caravan scale.

  • We always recommend the best place to start is with a weighbridge certificate so you can set your tow ball weights, tyre pressures and organise your caravan correctly for towing.
  • Check your VIN plate against your weighbridge certificate.
  • Slip your tow ball scales under your trailer coupling.
  • 5% for tandem axle caravans and 7% for single axle trailers ideal. More than 7% is pushing the limits and possibly the limits of your car’s suspension.
  • You may be able to arrange a change of weight distribution in your caravan by moving weight forward or backward of the axle. Example, 2000kg caravan with 300kg ball weight is too heavy. Move 50-70kg backward of the axles reduces your ball weight. You have just move weight from your car suspension through the coupling to your caravan suspension.

Test your new setup by merely towing your caravan on the highway. You should not experience sway at 80 km even when passing heavy vehicles.

  • Measures the ball weight of your caravan or trailer up to 350kg
  • Ideal for determining the correct Hayman Reese weight distribution system to use
  • Easy to read weight gauge
  • Rounded ends to fit all couplings
  • Calibrated scale using internal spring mechanism
  • Powder coated steel
  • Full instructions for use and set up
  • Retail-friendly packaging


  • If you are heavy on the scales, shift weight from the front of the axle set to a more central location. This action will lower the weight onto your tow ball, allowing your vehicle to become lighter and therefore brake more effectively.
  • If you are light on the tow ball scales, then your trailer will sway on the highway. Put more weight forward of your front axle.

high shoulder tow ballFinally, one more thing to consider

If your caravan is not level with your tow bar, this high shoulder tow ball may give you enough lift for your rig to pull level and true.

Put a level on your caravan chassis rail and line up your tow bar with your coupling.

What is the distance when both tow ball and coupling being level?

If it is level then great however if not then you may need a 25mm or 50mm lift. These high should tow balls are perfect for straight and effective towing. Click the image and add it to your cart.

There are two size extra height shoulder shanks. 25mm and 50mm models.

Tow Ball Truck Caravan Scale – Hayman Reese

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