Breakaway Switch incl Waterproof Rubber Cover

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  • Greatly reduces water ingress into the breakaway switch.
  • Greatly reduces dirt and grit from being deposited on terminals.
  • Reduces terminal life.
  • Ensure correct installation of the lanyard.

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Breakaway switch incl waterproof rubber cover is designed to help prevent water ingress into your breakaway switch.

Water and dirt can enter your switching causing it not to operate. The switch should be replaced and replaced with a switch and rubber boot if this occurs.

Read my article on shortening the breakaway switch lanyard for effective breaking when your caravan is on its safety chains.

The Breakaway Switch incl Waterproof is designed to operate electric brakes for a period of 15 minutes in cases where the trailer was detached from the vehicle when travelling.

All trailers over 2000kg require a breakaway switch.

The first step is to choose the correct breakaway kit.

  • 5 amp hour
  • 17 amp hour

1 amp hour means at 12 volts dc, one amp will be drawn over a period of 1 hour.

Caravan electric magnets are 3.2 amps and there are two of them making a total of 6.4 amp

Breakaway capacity equals 5 amp x 60minutes x 12vdc = 3600 watts per minute

Actual emergency braking capacity equal 6.4 x 15 minutes x 12 vdc equals 1152 watts.

Single Axle Trailer using 10″ magnets uses 3600/1152 watts will apply the caravan brakes for 3.12 hours until the battery is flat.

Tandem Axle Trailer using 10″ magnets uses 3600/1152/2 watts will apply the caravan brakes for 1.56 hours until the battery is flat.

Mounting the breakaway kit is the first step and the easiest step.

Keep the breakaway kit away from jockey wheels or other items that may accidentally come into contact with it.

The next step involves cutting and splicing the breakaway kit into the trailers electrical system.

How to test your Breakaway Kit

Connect the wires to the terminals. A green light should appear when the battery is in a charged state.

Remove the pin and notice a sound coming from your magnets. You may hear a hum or a tick as the electric magnet sticks to the inside of the drum.

If this sound is not audible, remove the drum and place a piece of steel on the magnet to ensure energisation.

Energised, check the voltage at the battery. If the voltage is under 12 volts then either the battery is putting out less than 12v or you have voltage loss.

Finally, if you have voltage loss, increase the size of the cable to the brakes to 4mm or 5mm. Increasing the size of the cable removed voltage loss and restores voltage to 12vdc.

Wiring Diagram for Breakaway Kit.

Boat trailers using hydraulic brakes require a larger breakaway kits.

Electric / Hydraulic controllers use a 7 Amp Hour battery because the hydraulic motor uses more power than an electric magnet.

Breakaway Switch incl Waterproof Rubber Cover

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