Hubodometer for Caravans and Trailers – Stainless

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The Couplemate Hubodometer is a new, innovative safety device for caravan and trailer boat owners who want to know when it is time to service their rig.

Auto-programmable to suit all tyre sizes.



Hubodometer is a precision tool to help you keep an accurate log book on your trailer or caravan maintenance so you know when to replace parts on your caravan or boat trailer.

Selecting the correct hubodometer is as simple as choosing the outer bearing number from the list below.

The name Hubodometer comes from two words hub and odometer, meaning a device for measurement of distance that is attached to a hub.

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What hubodometer fits your bearings?

  • Slimline – LM12749 and LM11927
  • Parallel – LM68149
  • 1.98″ – 1.8t Dexter – LM44649
  • 2t Alko – 15123
  • 2.441″ – 2t Dexter – 15123
  • 3t Alko – 29749

Select your tyre size for configuration.

10″ Tyre Diameters – Click here
12″ Tyre Diameters – Click here
13″ Tyre Diameters – Click here
14″ Tyre Diameters – Click here
15″ Tyre Diameters – Click here
16″ Tyre Diameters – Click here

How to Program your Hubodometer

Program you hubodometer to your tyre size that is available from the above links.

The how to program the hubodometer sheet is available for download and printing by clicking this – link.


We recommend using a piece of wood and a hammer to install Hubodometer. The timber should cover the entire device, so the hammer load is even on all points when tapping it into position.

Note: It is essential Locktite is applied when hubodometers are inserted into hubs to help prevent them becoming dislodged during transit. Some hub bosses can vary by as much 0.2mm. This variation in some manufacturers hub sizes can cause a loose fitting bearing buddy. We recommend a medium strength locking compound on all bearing buddies and Hubodometers.

The Loctite applied on the fitment surfaces will help prevent the Kilo-meter from dislodgement from branches and rocks in extreme offroad conditions.

Log Book

A good start for your logbook would be

  • 500 km after taking delivery.
  • 5000 km highway or 1000kg offroad.

Hubodometers installed on caravans and other rigs trigger a service level for manufacturers. Warranty issues are easier to understand when accurate kilometre reads are available.

The manufacturer’s checklist will incorporate some of the items below, however, this same list is a good start for the DIY brigade, with older rigs.

1. Bearing check.
2. Tyres wear check.
3. Electric brakes and/or disc pads check.
4. U-Bolt check.
5. Shackle bolts, bushes and shackle plates check.
6. Gas lines.
7. Coupling tightness.
8. Wheel nuts for tightness.

Caravans or campers that are used for work or hire purposes will need the mileage recorded if your accountant is like mine. Otherwise, they may be assessed as a pleasure item. Tax is applicable on pleasure items and of course, these expenses cannot be claimed as a business expense.

Data Sheet

Stainless Steel 316
Surface Finishing
IP Grade
Battery Life
5 years
Working Temperature
-40℃ to 50℃
Screen Size
Lower Consumption


Hubodometer for Caravans and Trailers

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 8 cm
Axle Profile

Slimline, Parallel, 1.8t Dexter, 2t Alko, 2t Dexter, 3t Alko

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