60mm x 685mm Caravan Spring suit G&S Chassis

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685mm x 60mm springs are available in the following capacity

  • 6 Leaf – kg per spring
  • 7 Leaf – kg per spring
  • 8 Leaf – kg per spring


60mm x 685mm caravan spring is found fitted to the chassis rails of caravans that have been supplied with G&S Chassis. Shackle Springs 685mm on manufacturers tandem setups.

G&S Chassis caravan suspension system provides smooth operation under normal highway usage.

This particular spring is shorter than standard tandem springs and is no longer a common spring to obtain.

This particular spring has 4 wraps around the spring. The spring wrap strengthens the spring and helps remove the weak spots by distributing the load more evenly throughout the spring.

Important: These springs have a centre bolt, not offset.

  • 685mm Eye to Eye.
  • 5/8″ x 7/8″ x 60mm bush.
  • Free Camber 140mm
  • Eye to Center Bolt 386mm
  • 6.5mm Leaf

We suggest to either put your caravan over a weighbridge to get your exact loading.

Spring problems, in most cases, can be resolved with a weighbridge certificate and a set of tow ball scales.

Couplemate highly recommends the use of tow ball scales to help you correctly balance your caravan.

Spring upgrades are not uncommon on tandem setups. Suspension upgrades tend to re-invigorate your caravans towing capacity to OEM standard in many cases.

It is not uncommon to upgrade broken springs to the next load capacity. However, keep the same ATM intact.

60mm x 685mm Caravan Spring suit G&S Chassis

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions70 x 20 x 7 cm
60mm Springs

6 Leaf, 7 Leaf, 8 Leaf


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