Couplemate Trailer Parts
Couplemate Trailer Parts

Trailer Parts

Trailer parts, caravan and horse-float axles, drop axles.

Couplemate in Brisbane uses Bluescope high-grade, Australian made axle steel in all axle and suspension kit builds. Our expert staff provide solutions to difficult spare parts questions every day.

Products manufactured by Couplemate include

  • Axles, pin, nut and washer,
  • Stainless Caliper Pistons,
  • Receiver Hitch Pins,
  • Swingaway 4WD Spare Wheel Carriers,
  • Lazy Hubs,
  • Drum brakes,
  • 10″ Drums,
  • Dust Cap and Bearing Dolleys,
  • Hubodometer,
  • Independent Suspension,
  • Al-ko 4 hole couplings.
  • Towing Accessories.

I guarantee you, the wrong advice will not fix your problem. You will end up purchasing the wrong parts, the problem will still exist leaving you angry.

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Further, watch the bottom of the screen for special discounts from time to time. Super deals can save you freight, in most circumstances.

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Trailer Parts Solutions

Single trailers, tandem trailers or galvanised marine trailers our expert team will help you find the right spares.

45mm wide slipper springs, leaf springs or rocker roller springs can be damaged by incorrectly tightened fish plates. Heavy duty u bolts is one answer or a complete spring fitting kit will certainly fix loose spring problems.

45mm Square Axle, SL bearings are rated at 1450kg for an Electric Braked Axle. Perhaps change standard magnets to the Al-ko offroad magnets for rough terrain.

Couplemate has good stocks of jockey wheel, nut pin washer, ball coupling, parts and accessories. However, we do not sell a range of caravans.

Load Ratings

  • The load rating for single axle trailers is the rating of the axle for slipper and shackle springs.
  • The load rating for shackle springs for a tandem trailer is 2 x axle rating. This rating is due to load sharing rocker assembly.
  • The load rating of slipper springs for the tandem trailers is 20% less than double the axle rating.
  • Load rating does not change for disc braking systems or electric brake systems.

Our expert team in Brisbane, solves problems, selecting the correct trailer and caravan lits quickly in 95% of cases. Further, in 5% of cases of jobs where spares just cannot be sourced, we recommend replacing with new parts.

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Couplemate Trailer Parts sells only the best quality caravan parts and accessories throughout Australia. Express shipping to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Hobart. We also ship products to New Zealand via Australia Post Air Express.