Trailer spare parts, caravan and horse-float axles, drop axles are all manufactured in our Brisbane workshops.

Couplemate uses Bluescope high-grade axle steel in all axle and suspension builds up to 6t.

Our expert staff handle all sorts of questions every day. Our most common questions are about problems such as

I guarantee you, the wrong advice will not fix your problem. You will end up purchasing the wrong spare parts and the problem will still exist.


Problems selecting the correct trailer spares and caravan parts can be solved fairly quickly by our expert team in 95% of cases.The 5% of cases I missed are those jobs where parts just cannot be sourced. The expensive option is to replace and start again.

Email or order online then choose where you require express or normal delivery services Australia wide. We also send orders inte4rnationally via Australia Post or DHL .

Towing a Balanced Caravan

Towing a Balanced Caravan

Towing a Balanced Caravan Towing a balanced caravan is a daunting, if not, seemingly impossible task for new caravanners. It is hard to tow a caravan. We find a large number of caravanners have been advised to install load levelling devices. Caravan load levellers or...