12 inch Offroad Dexter Electric Brake

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12 inch Offroad Dexter Electric Brake. Right-hand side is drivers side

Rated to 2500kg per pair. We recommend installing park brake on the TOP side.

Use 6mm to 10mm trailer cable when wiring electric brakes.

  • 6mm Electric cable measures the cross-sectional area.
  • 10mm Automotive cable measures the circumference.

Do not wire electric brakes across the axle. Run down each chassis rail separately for the greatest voltage.

Why can’t I run the electric cable across my axle?

Click this link to check the correct cable size for your installation

  • Run down each chassis rail = 6mtr @ 6.4 Amps per pair of magnets = 5.62mm cable size
  • Run down the chassis trailer (inside) = 6 mtr + 2 mtr (8mtr) @ 6.4 Amps per pair of magnets = 7.5mm cable size

To escape voltage drop, run your cabling down the chassis rail.

Large range of parts and accessories available for this product.

Always ask for Genuine Couple-mate products.

TIP: Sometimes it is easier to buy new backing plates rather than replace worn shoes and brake magnets. Parts like magnet arms will also need replacing as will springs.

Is your caravan pushing your car when stopping?

12 inch Offroad Dexter Electric Brake

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions30 x 30 x 10 cm



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