Truck Trailer Safety Chain Holder Kit inc Herc Alloy Chains

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Truck Trailer Safety Chain Holder Kit inc Herc Alloy Chains

  • Safety chain holders are mandatory on all trailer vehicles that weigh over 3500 kg.
  • The safety chain holder is an innovative solution that helps prevent a collision when the trailer becomes detached from the tow vehicle.


  • The safety chain holder must be welded to the tow bar.
  • Safety chain holders can either be welded directly to the trailer. The holder also may be welded to a plate which is attached to the chassis rail via 4 x high tensile bolts.

Let’s discuss a few facts with references and a few myths from the campfire.

  • Dee or Bow shackles must be compatible with a rated safety chain. Therefore, it must be stamped with a rating. How do you prove compatibility?  (CI-119C, Page 2, para 3)
  • Each Chain must be sized such that the minimum breaking load exceeds the ATM. (VSB1 Page 27, para 4)
  • Safety Chain must be stamped at intervals not exceeding four links. (CI-119C, Page 1, para 8)
  • The Break Load Limit of the shackle must be 1.5t greater than the ATM. (CI-119C, Page 3)

A pair of safety chain holders on trailers over 3.5t must use 4140 attachment pins.

Mounting these holders on either side and adjacent to the tow bar coupling makes towing easier.

Road Trains are an exception, however

Herc Alloy safety chain kit includes.

  • 2 x 10mm Herc Alloy chains.
  • Two x trailer mounted safety chain holders.
  • 2 x tow bar mounted safety chain holders.

The attachment must be able to withstand static forces that incur during towing and as a result, should be resistant to cracks or breaks.

Pro Tip: The safety chain holders are permanently attached to your towbar. You may either weld or bolt the attachment to the tow bar using high tensile bolts.

Purchase extra G80 chains here.

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Truck Trailer Safety Chain Holder Kit inc Herc Alloy Chains

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