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Trailer Safety Chains, Hammerlocks and Dee Shackles

Trailer Safety Chains and Dee Shackles for trailers under 3.5t.

Towbars vary significantly in design and towing capability, for instance

  • Towbars have large eyelets for shackle attachments.
  • Chain holders welded to the towbar to accept Herc Alloy chain.

As a result of safety concerns, the older unstamped shackles are not stocked by Couplemate.

myths hammerlocks and dee shackles

The standard length of a Jayco safety chain is 64cm.

Dee shackles compatibility with chain is essential. In other words, stamped shackles satisfy this requirement.

Stamped Galvanised Chain

The chain is stamped every four links as specified by the regulations. However, older trailers, pre-2009 need not comply with this requirement.

Galvanised chain is often said to be unrated because the galvanising process destroys the rating of the product.

The simple answer is, product rating for all trailer parts occurs after the galvanising process.

Truck Chain not stamped

Regulations do not require high tensile Herc Alloy chain to be stamped with identification.

Verticle Chain

The chain must not be welded vertically to the chassis rail so that it hangs below the trailer. Moreover, multiple dee shackles used for connection are not permitted.

Joining Multiple Shackles

Dee shackles are not permitted to be joined together to lengthen the chain. Therefore, not more than one shackle is per length of the chain is permitted by the regulations.

Solution for Short Trailer Chain

Towbars with extended receiver arms cause short chain. A short chain can be lengthened with the addition of a hammerlock to connect the safety chain to the dee shackle.

Finally, it is permissible to cut the second link near the welded link on the trailer and join the two free chain links with a hammerlock.