Tow Hitch / Receiver Bars

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  • 50mm Drop Hitch

    Tow Bar Receiver Hitch Kit – 50mm

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $43.90 inc GST
  • 50mm Drop Receiver Hitch Bar - Long

    Tow Bar Receiver Hitch Kit – Long

    $64.86 inc GST
  • 100mm drop hitch receiver bar

    Tow Bar Receiver Hitch Kit – 100mm

    $59.00 inc GST
  • Forged Tow Bar Receiver 2 inch drop

    70mm Towbar Receiver Hitch 2 inch Drop

    $87.32 inc GST
  • Forged Tow Bar Receiver 4 inch drop

    70mm Towbar Receiver Hitch 4 inch Drop

    $102.14 inc GST
  • pintle adaptor

    Pintle Towbar Adaptor 8 Hole

    $111.90 inc GST
  • receiver hitch pin

    Receiver Hitch Pin – 3500kg

    $5.00 inc GST
  • 6000kg Receiver Hitch Pin

    6000kg Receiver Hitch Pin ClassV

    $41.42 inc GST

Tow Hitch/Receiver Bars

These hollow tube tow hitch receiver bars on your tow vehicle can accommodate up to a 3.5-tonne trailer load.

If you want to tow a trailer, you should spend your money on a sturdy and reliable towing mechanism; especially if you’re going to the outback or heading to the shore. You wouldn’t want your trailer dislodging halfway in the middle of the GAFA now, would you?

The minute you go off the tarmac in Australia, you’re at the mercy of the land. The red-orange dirt trails, rocky, sandy beaches, and craggy terrain is something only a good 4-wheel drive may embark on. However, no matter how well you maintain your vehicle and trailer and how well you drive, some trailers end up breaking down under these testing conditions.

Why Tow Hitch Receiver Bars Should Top Your Spares List

Because they experience constant strain, tow balls and receivers are one of the worst affected parts in a caravan trailer. When you’re out on the road, you’ll rarely encounter any sudden shocks. The the outback is a completely differenet animal, though—this Aussie terrain constantly bombards your tow hitch assembly.

More often than not, it’s parts of the towing mechanism, like tow balls, receivers, and safety chains which break down and stall most trailer-tuggers in the flatlands.

What You Need To Know

We manufacture our tow hitch receiver bars to suit a standard 50mm Square box section tow bar assembly. We make our 50mm hollow tube tow bar receivers to rate a competent 3.5t.

If you require heavier capacity, we suggest the forged 50mm receiver bar. Ensure, though, that your receiver bar and tow bar have been tested to accommodate the increased towing capacity.

So what do you do when your tow balls give way? Just call Couplemate, and we’ll deliver all kinds of receiver bars to wherever you are. If we don’t have a spare tow hitch in stock, we’ll find a way to get one just for you.

Couplemate sells quality trailer and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.

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