Trailer Chassis Parts

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  • VIN Plate Large

    VIN Plate Large 250mm x 50mm

    $8.00 inc GST

    VIN Plate Small 170mm x 40mm

    $7.50 inc GST
  • Jerry Can holder

    Jerry Can Holder

    $32.39$45.13 inc GST
  • Caravan Gas Bottle Holder

    Caravan Gas Bottle Holder

    $33.34$35.01 inc GST
  • Rectangular 2 hole

    Rectangular 2 Hole Coupling Plate

    $3.64 inc GST
  • Triangular 4 Hole Override Coupling Plate

    $12.30 inc GST
  • Rectangular 4 Hole Override Coupling Plate

    $8.58 inc GST

Trailer Coupling Plates

You weld these trailer coupling plates to the top of your chassis rails, so you can bolt the coupling onto them.

Imagine your vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere can completely take away from the fun of camping outdoors, though.

You can easily damage your trailer towing mechanism like off-road couplings, tow ball, and receivers in the outback.

But don’t worry, even though you’re unlikely to find help in the GAFA, you can always find help at Couplemate. We deliver all kinds of spare trailer coupling plates, caravan trailer parts, and tow hitches to wherever your vehicle has broken down. If we don’t have the camper trailer part you need, we’ll get one sent over within 48 hours.

Key Info On Trailer Coupling Plates

At Couplemate, we stock trailer coupling plates to suit most trailer couplings.

Buying and cutting flat steel can be expensive and time-consuming, When manufacturers cut plates to size and pre-drill holes in the correct position for your coupling, you save quite a bit. This is a practical solution for what would otherwise be a difficult job.

Coupling plates are generally 6mm; with chassis rails so close to each other, you simply won’t need thicker material.

Manufacturers pre-drill shackle plates as follows (no, we do not pre-drill these plates to different hole configurations).

100mm for two-hole plates
184mm x 52mm for 4-hole plates.

You weld coupling plates on top of the chassis rails, or under them. When you weld these under the chassis rails, they go between the chassis rails. This provides a lower attachment point for the trailer or caravan.

Couplemate sells only the best quality trailer and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.

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