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Truck Trailer Pintle Coupling Scales

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Truck Trailer Pintle Coupling Scales

Truck trailer pintle coupling weight scales would be ideal for this rig in the image. How does the driver know his rig will tow well other than testing it on the highway?

Simple question: Do you know how heavy your pintle ring is? Which means, how much weight is on your tow bar?

  • If you feel your trailer is pushing your vehicle forward during braking, then you have too much weight on your coupling.
  • If your coupling is suffering, excess wear, you have too much weight on your coupling.
  • Too little weight on your coupling results in sway.

Towball Coupler Weight Scale – CM295


Correct adjust trailer balance is made after measuring your coupling head weight.

The ideal trailer hitch weights are

  • 5% – 7%  of ATM for tandem trailers
  • 7% – 10% of ATM for single axle trailers.

Heavier trailer weights harm wear and tear on couplings, braking and fuel economy.

Example, if your trailer ATM is 5t then your head weight on your truck trailer should be 250kg.

The Hayman Reese tow ball weight scales measures up to 300kg. Click the image to buy this product.

Note: Carefully lower your chassis rail onto the tow ball scales to obtain your reading. Finally, don’t forget to set up your tow shackles correctly


  • Shift weight from the front of the axle set to a more central location, if you are heavy on the scales. This action will lower weight on your tow ball, allowing your vehicle to become lighter and therefore brake more effectively.
  • If you are light on the tow ball scales then, your trailer will sway on the highway. Put more weight forward of your front axle.

tandem trailerOverloading your Coupling

Without even visiting this trailer on the right, I can tell you this trailer is heavy on the coupling.

The container is a 1000 ltr box holding one ton of water or chemical.

The coupling head weight should be 5% or 50kg.

Now add the weight of the pump on the drawbar to the coupler head weight, and you have heavy braking and coupling wear.

To verify the head weight, a cheap, simple set of scales solves all issues and allows the required adjustments to commence.

A very good article on towing scales can be found here.

Pintle Hooks

Great idea to connect the weight scale to the lunette ring. The tow vehicle often compensates too much via transferring load onto the tow vehicle suspension. This load can easily be transferred back to the trailer, where it should be in the first place.

Truck Trailer Pintle Coupling Scales


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