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Rims and Tyres to suit 13″ to 14″ boat trailer wheels.

We carry a small range of marine galvanised rims in stock.

Multifit rims and tyres fit Holden HT and Ford stud patterns.

  • HT 4.25″ PCD
  • Ford 4.25″ PCD

13″ and 14″ tyres are the ideal solution for boat trailers.

Wheels smaller than 13″ are not recommended for road use. Smaller wheels are suitable for launching trailers and trailer toppers. When used at highway speeds, the bearings are not suited highway speeds.

Additionally, rubber wheel chocks and wobble rollers are very popular selling items. Wheels chocks stop your boat from rolling.

Finally, wobble rollers require replacing every ten years. UV degradation can cause these wobble rollers to start marking the hull on your boat. UV will eventually strip the outer layers of PVC from the compound mix. As a result, the PVC fails and the wobble rollers or even the remaining boat rollers, require replacing.

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