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  • 39mm Round U-bolt 112mm long

    39mm Round Galvanised U-Bolt Incl Gal Nylocks

    $9.00$12.50 inc GST
  • 40mm u-bolt

    40mm Square Galvanised U-bolt Incl Nylock

    $10.00 inc GST
  • 45mm Round Galvanised UBolt

    45mm Round Galvanised U-Bolt – Gal Nylocks

    $10.00 inc GST
  • 50mm Square Galvanised U Bolts

    45mm Square Galvanised U Bolt

    $10.00 inc GST
  • 45mm Round Galvanised UBolt

    50mm Round Galvanised U Bolt Incl Gal Nylocks

    $10.00 inc GST
  • 175mm x 50mm square galvanised U-bolt

    50mm Square Galvanised U Bolt Kit

    $10.00$15.50 inc GST
  • 56mm square galvanised U-bolt

    56mm Square Galvanised Chassis U-Bolt incl Nylocks

    $10.00$12.00 inc GST
  • 75mm ElectroGal U-Bolts

    75mm ElectroGal Jockey Wheel U Bolt

    $9.00$14.00 inc GST
  • 100mm Galvanised U Bolt

    100mm Galvanised U Bolts

    $9.50$20.00 inc GST
  • Galvanised U bolt Clamp Kit

    50mm Square Galvanised Ubolt Clamp Kit

    $15.50$19.50 inc GST
  • Trailer U bolt Kit | Galvanised

    Trailer U bolt Kit – Galvanised

    $36.70$45.70 inc GST

125mm Long U-Bolt

The 125mm length is measured from the tip of the thread to the underside of the top.

Mild steel stretches under load. It is essential you re-tighten u-bolts approx 200 km after installation.

125mm u-boltThe kit comprises

  • 2 x ElectroGal U-Bolts
  • 2 x ElectroGal Washers
  • Nylocks x 2

Four elements uniquely define any U-bolt, they are:

  1. Material type (for example, bright zinc-plated mild steel or galvanised)
  2. Thread dimensions (for standard 1/2″ )
  3. Inside diameter (for example, 50 mm – the distance between the legs)
  4. Inside height (for example, 125 mm)

Further, square and round galvanised U bolts have rolled threads as opposed to cut threads. Additionally,

  • the thread length is 60mm.
  • The thread size is 1/2″ BSW.

Purchase U-Bolt kits with clamps here.

Finally, we recommend fighting u-bolts with a spanner or socket rather than a rattle gun. Battery rattle guns cause the nylon insert to overheat.