40mm Square Galvanised U Bolt

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40mm Square Galvanised U-Bolt incl Gal Nylock, and Gal Washers

40mm Square Galvanised u-bolt by Couplemate are supplied bulk with nuts and washers on the threads in boxes of 50.

Rolled threads with gal flat washer and gal nylock. The thread length is 60mm.

How do I calculate the correct length, measure

  • Spring width plus
  • Axle Pad 8mm plus
  • Axle width plus
  • Nyloc plus

How to Measure U-bolts (example)

It would be best to retighten u-bolts approximately 200lkms after installation due to steel’s ability to stretch a little under load.

We stress-tested these u-bolts during manufacture and batch test until destruction.

Destruction loads exceed 17,000kg for 1/2-inch galvanised U-bolts.

Our u-bolts are derated to 375 kilograms each or 1500kg per set of 4 or enough u-bolts to suit a single axle.

The max rating of 60mm Round axles is 3000kg with a u-bolt rating of 1500kg.

Vibration fatigue affects trailer U-bolts. Retightening is essential.

U-bolt clamp kits are listed below

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 × 2 cm
Select U-Bolt Length

100mm, 112mm, 125mm, 137mm, 150mm


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