65mm Round x 16mm ElectroGal U-Bolt Kit


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65mm Round x 16mm ElectroGal U-Bolt Kit

Couplemate designs a 65mm Round x 16mm ElectroGal U-Bolt Kit to be durable and to stand the test of time.

What is ElectroGal?

Electrogal is electrolysis, a reaction to electrically charged particles passing from a base metal through conductive water to the u bolts or other parts that are in solution.

After cleansing, u-bolts are coated with two solutions to coat them before the final coating of nickel is applied.

What is the breaking capacity of 16mm or 5/8″ U-bolts?

60mm BBL (Break Load Limit) is 23t per pair. Therefore the WWL or workload limit is approximately 4t.

Heavy-duty U-bolt kits are designed for trailers of more than 3000kg. Customers had experienced breakages of 1/2″ u-bolts under normal operating conditions.

Complete U-Bolt Kit includes 4 x 16mm ElectroGal U-bolts + Nylocks + 2 x 10mm Fishplates + 2 x Axle Spaces. Specifications are

Couplemate recommends tightening nylocks with a socket. Critical: Tighten nuts on the diagonals.

Rattle guns used on tightening u-bolts tighten too fast and can cause the nylon inside the nylock to overheat and become loose.

Rattle guns cause one side of the fish plate to become too tight, causing spring breakages at the centre bolt.

The Couplemate 16mm Heavy Duty Ubolt Kit has been treated to prevent hydrogen embrittlement.

Testing 16mm U-Bolts

Trailer U-Bolts have no standard. Couplemate developed its testing procedure. We test u-bolts, nuts and fish plates to destruction in a static load test.test heavy duty 16mm u-bolt kit

A destruction test determines the Break Load Limit (BLL). BLL divided by six or, in this case, 3.8t per pair of u-bolts or 7.8t per axle calculates the load rating or WLL (Weight Load Limit). (provide the BLL is 23t.)

BLL divided by six or, in this case, 3.8t per pair of u-bolts or 7.8t per axle calculates the load rating or WLL (Weight Load Limit).

In the right-hand image, you can see we tested the 16mm Heavy Duty U-bolt Galvanised Kit in 200-tonne tests featured below testing 60mm Round U-bolts.

The u-bolts in the right-hand image broke at 23t.

Notice the 10mm Fish Plate. 23t of pressure caused it to bend. The machine we use is a 200t press.

We are happy to offer a Lifetime Warranty on ALL of our u-bolts.

Does galvanising weaken the steel in 16mm Heavy Duty Ubolt Galvanised Kits? Simple answer, No.

Read why u-bolts could be the primary cause of accidents.

loose axle u-bolts cause highway havoc caravaners

Jockey Wheel U-Bolts are available below

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