56mm Galvanised U Bolt Clamp Kit


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56mm Galvanised U-bolt Clamp Kit

The 56mm galvanised u bolt kit has a plate and hardware on both ends that can be fitted to trailers. Additionally, these come with a minimal measurement system for convenience.

Lengths Available

  • 112mm
  • 125mm
  • 137mm
  • 162mm
  • 187mm

This clamp kit is designed to attach mudguards and additional hardware to your boat trailer. Subsequently, you can now conveniently clamp equipment around your chassis rails.

The inner diameter of this U-bolt is 56 mm, and its thread length is available. The thread length is the distance between the tip of the thread to its top. 0.5” U-bolts come with a 60mm thread.

Length Selection

Couplemate lets you pick just the 56mm Galvanised U bolt clamp kit or another trailer part that perfectly fits your caravan’s needs. You won’t have to head to the nearest hardware shop or worry about quality and durability.

Furthermore, we stress-tested these u bolts during manufacture and batch test until destruction.

Destruction loads exceed 17,000kg for 1/2 inch galvanised u bolts.

The max rating of 750kg axles is 750kg with a u-bolt ratingof@ 1500kg.

Vibration fatigue can loosen u-bolts if not re-tightened after 300 km. Excellent article on vibration fatigue here.

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Additional information

Weight0.75 kg
Dimensions12 × 8 × 4 cm
Select Clamp Length

112mm, 125mm, 137mm, 162mm, 187mm


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