Independent Coil Suspension

Caravan Trailer Suspension.

Independent Coil Suspension requires no camber adjustment and no bushing replacements. Couplemate have largely addressed the camber issues and produced a suspension that is rigid and reliable.

Our kits have many features developed by our engineers, they are

  • Ride Height No Load 335mm, Full Load 297mm as measured from the bottom of the chassis rail to the axle centre.
  • Upgradable and removable Coil Springs.
  • Upgradeable and removable Stub Axles.
  • Max Compression 70mm @ at full load.
  • Zero camber due to the upper frame that provides fundamental strength to the entire suspension.
  • Coil suspension features our unique zero camber at full load.
  • Inbuilt structural rigidity ensures no camber movement.
  • Twin shock absorbers to increase dampening.
  • Coil suspension is pre-loaded.
  • Off-road Magnets are an optional extra.

Independent Coil Suspension For Caravans.


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25 November 2019

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