Stainless Top Hat Disc Rotor & Caliper Installation

Stainless Disk Rotor & Calapers.

Disk Rotor and Caliper Installed On Standard Ford Hub

Marine Trailer Tips

Stainless top hat rotors and calipers can be installed easily onto marine axles and are ideal for all Australian and American galvanised hubs.

Suits a 10-inch or 12-inch disc rotor setup. You will also need a galvanised hub to fit these rotors onto your axles.

Stainless Rotors fit the following stud patterns

  • Ford – PCD 4.5 inch or 112.5mm. Suits a 10-inch rotor.
  • 6 Stud Landcruiser PCD – 140mm. Suits 12″ rotor
  • 5 Stud Landcruiser PCD – 150mm. Suits 12″ rotor

American rotor wall thickness is 18mm. Australian 10-inch calipers have 15mm disc rotor walls. Stainless top hat rotors suit DeeMaxx and Kodiak calipers only. American rotors are ideal for 3t trailers due to twin-piston calipers. Australian hydraulic calipers have a lower braking capacity. If you have Australian or American hubs, this stainless rotor will fit however you must use American calipers only.

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25 November 2019

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