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Our Promise


If you are going to breakdown, Murphy’s Law requires you to breakdown on the most remote, dirtiest, dustiest road you have ever encountered.

When buying caravan parts remember this, Couplemate warranty is second to no one.

Well, I hear you asking how we can say that?

Couplemate sells quality parts only. Sure, we can buy cheap parts and we know where to buy them and how to save a few cents like everyone else.

Selling these parts is a false economy for us because to remain a reputable company our customers require us only to sell only the best parts and to back our sales up with the best service and the best warranty.

Therefore, the Couplemate provide warranty on all products sold and are guaranteed to perform as you would expect to perform and be free of defects when used as recommended.

Yes, products sold by Couplemate may be a little more expensive due to quality and yes, you must compare apple with apples when choosing products.

At Couplemate we do know quality. Our staff have over 60 years of experience in the caravan and trailer industry.

Our warranty covers replacement, shipping and labour when parts purchase from Couplemate are installed by one of our accredited installers.

We do not cover such things as wrong colour, wrong length, wrong size, wrong product purchased, faulty installation.

We do cover products sent incorrectly, defective and faulty products.

If we send to you the wrong product or substituted product we will replace that product and dispatch it immediately if in stock.