Electric - 45mm Round Axle

45mm round electric weld ring is our most common backing plate attachment.

Electric Weld ring to suit 130mm shoulder for all 10″ Electric Brakes.

Electric backing plate weld ring suit 10-inch electric brakes and mechanical 9-inch brakes on an LM bearing profile.

This weld ring has a 45mm round hole and 72mm hole centres.

Electric backing plate locators are 65mm apart.

Dry Fit installation Method

  • Bolt weld ring to the electric backing plate.
  • Slide the backing plate onto the axle.
  • Fit bearings to the drum without grease.
  • Fit drum to the axle and tighten.
  • Slide the backing plate into the drum and tighten the brake adjuster.
  • Once shoes are touching the drum, adjust the backing plate further into the drum so that it is concentric with the drum.
  • Tighten the brake adjuster until the backing plate is locked into the drum.
  • Tack weld the weld ring onto the axle at 4 equidistant points.
  • Back off the brake adjustment,
  • Remove the drum from the axle.
  • Now the weld ring is securely attached, finish welding the weld ring.
  • Pack the bearing with grease and inspect before re-installing the drum into the final position.
  • Adjust the brake adjuster to the desired adjustment.

Finally, what does an electric weld ring fit? Click the link below and buy.

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