Air Bag Suspension

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Independent Airbag and Coil Suspension Systems

Wild Duck airbag independent suspension is designed and built for camper trailers venturing into the wild country up at Cape York.

Wild Duck suspension is currently the best performing offroad running gear money can buy.

Older offroad beam axles are no longer up to the task in this type of country.

Are you ready for high quality, heavy-duty axle suspension that is specifically turned for outback dirt roads?

Airbag independent suspension systems become ineffective under 1250kg; as a result, are not available.

Suspension systems are available for 1250kg single axle brake systems up to 4.5t for tandem kits.

The Couplemate, Wild Duck Independent Coil suspension is a live axle that features zero camber at full load.

Your 4WD has a sturdy and versatile suspension system that allows you to navigate across the Australian outback with no issues.

Therefore, matching trailer suspension to the ruggedness of a 4WD suspension makes a lot of sense.

Here is a very good video comparison between coil independent suspension and leaf spring.

Camber Adjustment

As a result of extensive research, prototype building and testing, Couplemate understand the complexity of camber and camber adjustments.

Couplemate was the first company to discover a rigid suspension system which in turn, solved the camber adjustment riddle.

Normally, camber changes with the addition and subtraction of water, sewerage, food and beer.

Camber changes again coming home with a light camper. Owners, in the past, have always had a problem with camber adjustment. No fix exists other than to continually re-adjust the camber.

Costs associated with camber adjustment are unacceptable to campers, therefore the need for a better offroad spring system evolved.

As a result, heavyweight suspension systems were developed, manufactured and sold by Couplemate requiring no camber adjustment.

Further, this discovery was made using coil springs on independent suspension.


Airbag suspension followed coil spring systems, was so successful in Automobiles.

Camper trailers followed the same trend line as Henry Ford.

Firstly, in 1804 leaf spring suspension was discovered.

Secondly, coil suspension was discovered in 1857 for chair suspension and first used in a production car in 1906.

Thirdly, In 1922, the independent front suspension was pioneered on the Lancia Lambda and became more common in mass market cars from 1932.

Today, most cars have independent suspension on all four wheels.

Fourthly, the first airbag was invented in 1901 by an American, William W. Humphreys who patented an idea, a ‘Pneumatic Spring for Vehicles’.

In the 21st century, purpose-built single airbags containing two individual pockets prolongs the life of the airbag. Each pocket of the airbag has a non-return valve decreasing the air volume, resulting in a smooth ride effect.

The benefit of dual airbag maximises the strength and capability of operating independently, thereby guaranteeing against complete airbag failure if one of the twin bags rupture.

Wild duck airbags support uneven loads, the suspension kit offers two delivery air switches to allow the division of the left and right sides of the caravan/trailer.

Airbag adjustment enables a level caravan on uneven terrain. As a consequence, there is no need to install stabilisers or levelling jacks.

A twin cylinder, a 12-volt air compressor is included with the kit along with fittings and hoses.

Shock Absorbers

One of the toughest on the market, these shock absorbers parade a huge 18mm chromed rod, 36mm bore with Teflon seals.

Finally, robust twin tube design and an outer tube 2.5mm thicket ready to conquer anything that comes its way.

Couplemate sells only sells the best quality independent suspension and spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.