Hexchex Brand Overview

Hexchex stands out as the world’s sole multi-size loose nut indicator, offering substantial advantages over conventional alternatives. Swift and hassle-free installation has made it a preferred choice for Australian workshops.

What’s more, the efficiency of this multi-size product contributes to reduced overhead costs within supply chains. by simplifying stock management for parts distributors.

What sets Hexchex apart is its unique patented design, allowing it to accommodate a variety of nut sizes, all of which can be easily secured by hand. With four Multi-Size Hexchex options available, they cover both metric and imperial wheel nuts ranging from 19mm to 50mm.

Developed to withstand harsh conditions, this durable Australian-made product consistently outperforms the competition. the brand redefines ease and effectiveness in nut indicator technology.

Why Does Couplemate Stock the Brand?

Couplemate has always been a big believer in wheel nut indicators.

Caravan wheel nut indicators serve as a rapid detection system for loose nuts on their studs while in transit, promptly identifying any nuts that have shifted out of proper alignment.

These indicators are indispensable tools for caravan enthusiasts because the constant vibrations on rough roads can cause wheel nuts to gradually loosen, necessitating a daily check for safety.

Furthermore, nut indicators find applications beyond caravanning, including in:

  1. Vibratory Conveyors
  2. Feeders
  3. Vibratory & Rotary Shakeouts
  4. Screening Solutions for Mining & Aggregate
  5. Grinding and Attrition Machinery
  6. Underground Mining Machinery

Their versatility makes nut indicators valuable for a range of applications beyond caravan maintenance. They ensure safety and reliability across various industries.

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    Hexchex Truck Wheel Nut Indicators

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