NSK | High-Quality Japanese Bearings

Couplemate™ Australia uses NSK bearings on all of our Australian-made trailer axles and brake repair kits. For manufacturers seeking safety and reliability at high speeds, NSK bearing kits are the top choice.

If you’re gearing up for a long road trip in your caravan, ensuring that your wheel bearings are in prime condition is paramount. Caravan-bearing kits play a pivotal role in guaranteeing smooth and secure travels on the road.

When it comes to bearings, you’ll often find those made in Japan, Germany, or America in most vehicles. We believe that caravans, campers, and trailers should be no exception.

NSK have established themselves as the epitome of bearing quality, and they find their applications in various vehicles, including campers, horse floats, boat trailers, cars, trains, and even planes.

It’s essential to note that quality bearings go hand in hand with well-made axles. Companies like Couplemate and AL-KO are celebrated for their axles, which are designed not to prematurely wear down bearings.

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