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Drum Brakes

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  • 9-inch Hydraulic Wheel Cylinder

    9-inch Hydraulic Wheel Cylinder – 319010

    319010 $21.50
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  • Hydraulic Caliper Piston Seal Repair Kit

    Hydraulic Caliper Piston Seal Repair Kit

    CM792 $21.75
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  • 12-inch electric brake magnet

    12-inch Standard Electric Brake Magnet

    CM750 $23.50
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  • 9 inch Mechanical Brake Shoes

    9 inch Mechanical Brake Shoes

    320150 $26.50
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  • Electric brake magnet incl spring, clip and inserts

    10-inch Electric Brake Magnet

    CM735 $27.50
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  • 9 inch Hydraulic Brake Shoes

    9-inch Hydraulic Brake Shoes

    319013/14 $29.70
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  • 10 inch Electric Brake Magnets

    10-inch Off Road Brake Magnet – Left

    CM737L-1 $30.00
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  • 10 inch Electric Brake Magnets

    10-inch Off Road Brake Magnet – Right

    CM737R-1 $30.00
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  • alko electric brake shoe

    10-inch Electric Brake Shoes

    CM736 $32.00
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  • alko electric brake shoe

    12-inch Electric Brake Shoes

    CM751 $34.00
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  • 12-inch Electric Brake Shoes

    12-inch Dexter Electric Brake Shoes

    CM760 $34.00
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  • Offroad Left Hand Side Magnet

    12 inch Off-Road Electric Brake Magnet – Left

    CM752L-1 $35.00
    Add to cart 37 in stock

Ensure Your Trailer Brakes Stay Reliable with Couplemate™ Quality Products

Browse Trailer Brake Parts & Accessories
Whether you own a box trailer, car trailer, horse float, or caravan, we offer a comprehensive selection of trailer brake parts and accessories to keep your towing experience safe and comfortable.

Our range includes essential items like trailer bearing kits, trailer locks, and wheel chocks, sourced from renowned brands such as ARK, Dexter, DeeMaxx, Cruisemaster, Hayman Reese, Couplemate, Trojan, and AL-KO.

What Are Trailer Brake Parts and Accessories?
When you’re hitching up your trailer for a trip, whether a short visit to a local store or a cross-country caravan adventure, our durable and heavy-duty trailer brake parts will easily ensure you tow, making your journey enjoyable.

Trailers must be rugged in Australia to withstand long distances, heavy loads, and various environmental conditions. Our trailer brake parts and accessories have been designed and engineered to endure the demands of towing, whether you’re launching your boat at a saltwater ramp or traversing bush tracks.

Our extensive range of reliable components allows you to construct a high-quality trailer or maintain your existing one. This peace of mind ensures you can focus on getting your boat into the water at sunrise or securing that perfect caravan site as you hit the road.

Why Do I Need Trailer Brake Parts & Accessories?
Routine inspection and maintenance of trailer brake components, such as wheels and tyres, are crucial for safe towing. A competent DIY enthusiast can perform Many of these tasks, giving you the confidence that your trailer and the cargo you’re hauling are secure and stable at high speeds.

Basic checks include verifying the functionality of fluid, wiring, pad/shoes, grease, and other components. More comprehensive inspections involve removing wheels to examine brake systems and wheel bearings for signs of wear and tear.

Our range of accessories complements these efforts by offering locks and clamps to prevent theft, chocks and levelling aids to avoid unwanted movement, and a step for easy access to your caravan.

Our Range of Trailer Brake Parts and Accessories
Our innovative and cost-effective products for your towing needs are crafted using top-quality materials and have been rigorously tested under real-world conditions. This ensures you make the right choice for all your trailer and towing components, from rear tail lights to grease for wheel bearings and hubs.
Our offerings cover:

Bearings, Seals & Dust Caps
Bearing Buddies & Grease Caps
Disc/Rotor Hubs
Drum Hubs
Lazy Hubs
Backing Plates
Caliper Brakes

Couplemate is your go-to source for a comprehensive trailer and towing product solution. While we don’t build complete trailers, we provide nearly everything you need.

Our knowledgeable team can assist you in navigating our extensive inventory of quality trailer brake parts and accessories.