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Australian Made by Couplemate

Couplemate is a proud member of the Australian Made program. It supports local suppliers and helps bring business back to Australian shores. However, it has also become increasingly important for product suppliers, as lead times from international importers become longer due to Covid-19 import delays.

Couplemate Trailer Parts commenced its Australian Made program back in 2017, as we recognised a need to maintain consistent supply lines. But recently we have noted strong demand across the market for Australian Made caravan and trailer parts.  australian made

We firmly believe, Australian Made goods create employment, which is something Couplemate are proud to be supporting.

As a result of this demand for Australian Made products, we have seen more local job opportunities, creating more wages and more PAYG tax. Ultimately, more money spent on GST and more domestic spending occurring within Australia. Since the beginning of 2020, Couplemate has employed extra staff as a result of increased demand.

Purchases of caravan and trailer parts are a powerful spend force and are not easily fooled by imported products. Consumers demand rugged, tested and proven products.

Long Term Consequences

In the 1970s the Australian Government were recommending the level playing field method of trade. This level playing field resulted in the exportation of Australian jobs overseas. This scenario was wrongly pursued at the time by economic ‘drys’ from the Department of Treasury.

Investment in Australian Manufacturing slowly stalled, until our machinery became redundant, antiquated, and eventually scrapped.

This is what we are aiming to avoid.

Demand for Aussie Products Creates Two Outcomes

  • A requirement for increased investment in local procurement by suppliers.
  • Longer production lead times if the same workforce is maintained.

Recently, we heard of one particular caravan manufacturer with an 18-month lead time from the placement of order.

At Couplemate, we endeavour to maintain the shortest production lead time as possible. Thus, accepting longer lead times as a result of our import replacement scheme was not an option. Our solution was to employ more workers to shorten lead times, creating more local job opportunities and supporting the production of products made within Australia.

Opportunity For Government Support

Covid-19 has created a new era of unknowns, where companies and customers alike are learning to adjust to a new normal. At Couplemate, we have looked closely at retooling and testing.

Investment in equipment and the testing of products to be switched from overseas production, back to Australian production is an expensive exercise.

The largest beneficiary is the Australian Government through PAYU, GST, Company and associated taxes. One also has to consider a likely increase in GST in exchange for the removal of state taxes.

To counter this, Couplemate has reviewed the opportunity to partake in Government Grants, however, none exist for import replacement.

We believe it would be fitting for the Government to implement an Industry Retooling Grant to accelerate the success of the Australian Made Campaign, and to meet the current market demand for Australian Made products.

Retooling locally creates an opportunity for job creation for toolmakers and testing centres while subsequently increasing sales of Australian Made products.

We believe Government support for retooling would accelerate the ‘Buy Australian’ campaign and could substantially fund debt levels as a result of increased tax collections.