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Couplemate towing equipment includes pintle hooks, 4.5t coupling, ring couplings, safety chains, and safety chain holders.

Pintle hooks and couplings are registered in Canberra to ADR 62/2 and ADR 38.00 | D.O.T. requirements.

The 10t Gooseneck Coupling and heavy-duty Tow Balls have D-Value and V-Value to satisfy your engineer’s requirements.

The Heavy Vehicle regulations cover 10t Gooseneck Couplings states couplings over 4.5t must be tested for D-Value and V-Value.

In summary, large penalties for Sellers and manufacturers, not testing equipment sold as specified in The Motor Vehicle Act 2018

As a result, the ACT ensures consumer protection in cases where imported accessories are sold without the required tests and subsequent equipment certification.

Vehicle Inspections

Towing parts over 3.5t are required to have CRN numbers as prescribed by the new regulations.

Importantly, vehicle inspectors will find the CRN on your invoice, problem averted.

Furthermore, invoices and CRN’s contained therein is evidence of compliance with ADR62/2 regulations.

Finally, a range of towing protective covers to suit Anderson Plugs are now available.

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Towing Equipment

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