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Pintle Hooks, Ring Couplings and Combination Hitches

Our towing equipment is now available at wholesale prices to dealers and resellers. If this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss wholesale prices. Please note: wholesale dealer prices are available to resellers only, for example, not open to the public.

The CRN on the invoice is your guarantee of compliance with D.O.T. regulations.

For example, testing equipment like 10t Gooseneck auto-lock coupling and heavy-duty 3″ tow balls is where the engineering starts.  As a result of testing, D-Values and V-Values are obtained to satisfy your engineer’s inspection requirements.

Pintle Hook Damage

Pintle hooks undergo rigorous testing to ensure manufacturing integrity.

As a result of extensive testing, we found that pintle hook damage is caused by a variety of driver errors, they include:

It is an excellent idea before installing a new coupling is to weigh your rig on a weighbridge.

Disconnect the trailer to obtain the trailer weight. The rig can then be configured to the correct head weight.

Vehicle Inspections

If any questions arise from your engineer or Vehicle Inspection Officer, show the officer your invoice or call our sales team with your inquiry.

Furthermore, the Inspection Officer may need to copy your invoice to follow up non-compliant equipment. The easiest way to copy an invoice is to take a photo with your mobile phone.

Finally, a range of towing protective covers to suit Anderson Plugs are now available.

Pintle Hooks, Ring Couplings and Combination Hitches