Rated Dee or Bow Shackle Selection

Dee shackle and Bow shackles.

How to select your rated dee or bow shackle for the safety chain attached to the tow bar.

Dee Shackles and Bow Shackles will be mandatory when rule changes come into effect in 2019.

Some states and territories already want you to prove your shackles are of similar rating to your safety chain.

Inspectors are currently advising only in some states and NT and issuing fines in other states.

Uniform laws are being introduced through the Federal Parliament in 2018.

Short safety chains can be lengthened via one hammerlock at the point where the chain is joined onto the trailer.

This usually means cutting off your existing chain and buying a short length to join the trailer link. The remaining link on your trailer is not considered a chain rather a chain holder.

What You Need To Know about Rated Dee Shackle

To summarise, install rated dee shackles with a coloured pin and sidestep any compliance issues. Leave the compliance issues with the store who sold them to you.

I did the video below years ago. Essentially, if you get pulled over by Police and they may ask you to prove your dee shackles are compatible with your safety chain.

If your dee shackles are not stamped to prove safety chain compatibility then there is a problem.


National legislation is currently under review to be released in 2018.

  • NT Vehicle Inspectors Bulletin No. 13 (i)

WA CI-119C Vehicle Safety and Standards Circular to Industry

I had a few comments questioning the legality of rated safety shackles being a requirement under the law.
ADR 62/02 For trailers over 3.5 tonnes ‘ATM’, the safety chain must be made from steel of a minimum 800 MPa breaking stress, conform to the mechanical properties of Grade T chain as specified in AS 2321 – 2001 Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes and must be of a size such that the minimum breaking load exceeds the ‘ATM’.

The last 6 words in this clause require Rated or Stamped Dee Shackles. You must be able to prove your chain complies with your rated ATM.

Still, have not seen a traffic ticket for non-rated shackles. I believe tickets are not being issued at the moment.

Offer: Send me a copy of your ticket for non-compliant dee shackles and I will pay it. Offer open to 1 ticket only.

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22 November 2019

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