Terms & Conditions

Each time you access, use, or purchase from the Couplemate™ Website, you have agreed to the Conditions outlined in this document as they then read. Couplemate™ reserves the right to amend, remove, or otherwise vary this policy at any time without notice. Past iterations of the Couplemate™ Terms & Conditions, along with their respective applicable periods, are available below.

If you do not agree to these Conditions, you must not access, use, or purchase from this Website. If you have questions, please contact Couplemate™ by electronic mail (“email”) at: sales@couplemate.com.au.

Current as of: 08/05/2024

  1. Definition/Interpretation
    1. “Couplemate™” means “The trustee for Wotherspoon Family Trust” trading as “Couplemate Trailer Parts Pty Ltd” (ABN 15 873 719 871) and its associated parties, servants, and agents.
    2. “Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions.
    3. “Website” refers to www.couplemate.com.au as a domain in its entirety, of which includes all content, drawings, graphics, photos, and other elements.
    4. “Customer” means the entity has contracted with Couplemate™ to buy Goods through a Website account.
    5. S“Goods” means all goods, including and without limitation, components, spare parts, Workmanship, Custom Work, and other items to be supplied by Couplemate™ at the request of the Customer.
    6. “Workmanship” means all workmanship, including and without limitation, installation, fitting, adjustments, welding, and other labour to be completed by Couplemate™ at the request of the Customer.
    7. “Custom Work” means all goods, including and without limitation, axles, independent suspension systems, IRS axles, custom stud patterns on hubs, drums, and rotors and other Goods in which are manufactured for the Customer at the Customer’s request.
    8. “Dispatched” means that the Goods have been picked, packed, and booked on the Customer’s requested means of transportation or collection and the invoice date has been populated.
    9. “Order” means any request by the Customer to purchase Goods through Couplemate™, which is substantiated by Couplemate™ issuing a Sales Confirmation email.
    10. “Satchel” means Orders that are light and small enough to ship in a padded mailer.
    11. “Boxed” means Orders that are large enough to warrant shipping in a carton but do not exceed 22kg in weight and require no more than one carton.
    12. “Bulk” means Orders that exceed 22kg and/or must be shipped in multiple cartons, a skid, or a pallet. Bulk Orders may be considered be Oversized.
    13. “Oversized” means Orders that have packing dimensions that exceed the standard dimensions of a pallet (120mm x 120mm). Oversized Orders often must ship on select transportation companies and may incur additional shipping fees, of which Couplemate™ will discuss with the Customer at the time of order and prior to issuing a Sales Confirmation.
    14. “Expected Wear” refers to the eventual deterioration of a component or a component’s feature due to anticipated stresses like function, application, or operating environment. Natural deterioration of a component varies, though typical examples include flattening of springs, rusting from outdoor environments, or bearing failure from fatigue.
    15. “Other Entity” refers to any individual, party, or business that is separate to Couplemate™.
    16. “Consideration” retains the definition per Australian Contract Law, wherein consideration refers to an exchange of something that has legal value in return for a promise (i.e. payment in exchange for Goods and Service).
      1. “Consideration” refers to the price paid for Goods in exchange for supply.
  2. Invitation to Treat & Order Acceptance
    1. Website prices constitutes an offer of undertaking by Couplemate™ and may be considered an invitation to treat.
    2. Couplemate™ substantiates Orders by issuing a Sales Confirmation email. Couplemate™ reserves the right to reject an online Order and, in such an event, will refund the Customer the amount paid as it was received (see Section 4 regarding Consideration).
    3. Adhering to best practices, Couplemate™ will often amend Goods’ details (such as price, availability) on the Website without notice. Goods listed on the Website are marked as:
      1. In Stock, whereby stock is available (or can be made available) to be Dispatched in a
        timely manner.
      2. On Backorder, whereby stock is unavailable but can be Dispatched in a timely
      3. No Stock, whereby stock is unavailable and cannot be Dispatched in a timely manner.
    4. Couplemate™ will fulfil all Orders as last advised. That is, unless Couplemate™ has received
      alternative instructions from the Customer after the order was made (such as changing the
      shipping address), the Order will be fulfilled as was placed via the purchasing channel.
    5. Wherein an Order is impacted or delayed (such as due to insufficient stock), Couplemate™ will email the Customer with an estimated date for dispatch and offer the following:
      1. Refund, whereby Couplemate™ is to refund the Order partially or wholly.
      2. Alternative, whereby Couplemate™ will offer a similarly stocked product as a
        substitute (if applicable). Price discrepancies, as well as any additional costs that the Customer may incur, will be clearly identified at the time of offer.
      3. Backorder, whereby Couplemate™ will hold and then fulfil the Order by the dates provided. The Customer may choose to change, cancel, or wait while the Order is on Backorder.
  3. Order Modifications
    1. Orders, except for those with Custom Work, may be varied prior to being Dispatched under the written or verbal consent of both the Customer and Couplemate™. Please refer to section 7 for conditions regarding Custom Work.
    2. The Customer may request to cancel an order through email sales@couplemate.com.au or phone (07 3348 3822). Order Cancellation is subject to acceptance by Couplemate™.
      1. Orders that are cancelled prior to being Dispatched (refer to section 5) will not incur surcharges and, if Couplemate™ has received consideration, the Customer will be credited the balance owing.
      2. Orders that have been Dispatched by Couplemate™ will be categorised as change of mind returns and as such fall under Conditions outlined in section 6.
    3. Where Goods are required in addition to the original Order, the Customer agrees to provide consideration for the additional costs of such Goods including shipping. Additional Goods will be added under a separate invoice, though may be Dispatched together.
  4. Consideration
    1. Customers must provide consideration to Couplemate™ for Goods to be Dispatched. The Website accepts payment for Orders via Stripe or PayPal.
    2. Couplemate™ bank details are available on all official invoices and quotations and can be confirmed by calling Couplemate™ on 07 3348 3822. Refer to clause 11 for important disclaimers regarding Spam and Fraud.
    3. Couplemate™ requires bank remittance for EFT payments via electronic mail (“email”) to: sales@couplemate.com.au. Orders paid via EFT will not dispatch until the amount has cleared in Couplemate™’s account.
  5. Dispatch & Shipping
    1. Couplemate™ dispatches four types of Orders known as Satchel, Boxed, Bulk, and Oversized to which the Customer notifies Couplemate™ their preferred method of Dispatch.
    2. Couplemate™ offers three choices for dispatch, of which are:
      1. Couplemate™ freight, whereby Couplemate™ organises and charges the Customer for freight.
      2. Warehouse collection, whereby the Customer informs Couplemate™ that the order is to be collected from the Brisbane warehouse (i.e. Pick Up).
    3. Where Goods are In-Stock, Orders will be Dispatched within a timely manner. Customers are advised that Bulk and Oversized Orders generally take longer to dispatch than Satchel and Boxed Orders. .
      1. Dispatch times for Custom Work Orders are subject to manufacturing timelines (refer to section 8).
      2. Wherein a delay impacts dispatch on an Order, Couplemate™ will attempt to contact the Customer.
    4. Once orders are no longer in the custody of Couplemate™, we have no influence over the Order or consignment movement. Delivery times vary depending on the courier, freight conditions, and final Order destination.
    5. In the event of a supply shortage, potential fault, or any issue with their Order, the Customer is to notify Couplemate™ within 72 hours of receiving the Goods. Please call 07 3348 3822 or email to: sales@couplemate.com.au.
      1. Orders that experience freight issues (such as a courier non-delivery), Couplemate™ will negotiate with the courier company on behalf of the Customer if Couplemate™ has organised and charged freight.
    6. Couplemate™ does not airfreight dangerous goods including, but not limited to, lithium batteries, grease, or products that are coated in penetrative or non-penetrative coatings that are flammable.
  6. Returns & Exchanges
    1. Where the Customer wishes to return purchased Goods or conduct an exchange, the Customer must first contact Couplemate™ via phone call (07 3348 3822) or by email to: sales@couplemate.com.au. Each request is subject to acceptance by Couplemate™.
      1. When the Customer has received written confirmation from Couplemate™ to conduct the exchange, the Customer may:
        1. Provide consideration for the exchange at the time of the Order and receive a refund upon Couplemate™ receiving in the Goods.
        2. Wait for Couplemate™ to receive in the Goods and have the credit applied to the exchange Order.
    2. If the Goods have been Dispatched, the Customer is fully responsible for returning the Goods, in its entirety, to Couplemate™.
    3. Couplemate™ may deduct transport fees and a 15% restocking charge from the credit due to the Customer on all change of mind returns and exchanges.
    4. Couplemate™ may accept a change of mind return or exchange request if there is adequate proof of purchase, is not subject to exclusions listed under 6.5, and is requested within 60 days of the Dispatched date.
    5. Couplemate™ shall not provide change of mind returns or exchanges on:
      1. Non-Stock Items that are ordered at the Customer’s request (i.e. “special orders”).
      2. Custom Work that is completed at the Customer’s request.
      3. Goods that have been opened, used, installed, worn, damaged, modified, or is in any way unable to be resold as is.
  7. Custom Work
    1. Custom Work is conducted at the Customer’s request and by negotiation. The Website provides the Customer a platform to place a Custom Work Order, so Goods that qualify as Custom Work are clearly labelled as such. Couplemate™ will email the Customer to confirm the specifics of the Custom Work.
    2. Custom Work Orders are subject to manufacturing timelines that may be impacted by various issues such as, supply chain issues, production challenges, unexpected failures, or other disruptions that may impact the manufacturing process. Whereby a Custom Work Order is delayed or otherwise impacted, Couplemate™ will contact the Customer.
    3. Customers, at their discretion, may fund Custom Work wholly (100% of Goods total) or partially (50% deposit and 50% upon completion, equalling 100% of Goods total). 7.3.1 Partial payments are not available online. Customers who wish to split payment are to email or call Couplemate™ to organise and fund Custom Work. Partial payments can be funded by EFT (refer to 4.2) or through Credit Card.
      1. Partial payments are not available online. Customers who wish to split payment are to email or call Couplemate™ to organise and fund Custom Work. Partial payments can be funded by EFT (refer to 4.2) or through Credit Card.
    4. Customers may make modifications to Custom Work if the changes are minor and Couplemate™ is notified prior to production commencing. Major modifications, as well as modifications made after production has commenced, may require additional payment to encompass costs, such as labour, materials, and parts.
    5. Minor and major modifications are subject to the nature of the Custom Work involved and are therefore circumstantial. Prior to commencing production, Couplemate™ will provide an itemised list of requested changes and will advise the Customer of any additional payment (if required). Couplemate™ will action modifications and commence production once the Customer has confirmed and given payment (if required) the changes.
      1. An example of a minor modification is extending an axle tip-to-tip length by 25mm, as the length is inconsequential and has no implication on cost. 
      2. An example of a major modification is changing an axle profile from 40mm Square to 50mm Square, as the cost of axle steel increases by size and may require additional machine time.
    6. If cancellation is requested, Couplemate™ will charge the Customer 50% of the Custom Work value to recuperate costs in production, such as materials, labour, and parts.
      1. For example, if the Customer paid for the Custom Work wholly of $100, Couplemate™ will retain $50 and refund the Customer the other $50. Alternatively, if the Customer paid only the 50% deposit (half of $100, i.e. $50), Couplemate™ will keep the deposit as it is 50% of the total Custom Work value.
  8. Consumer Guarantees & Warranty
    1. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
    2. Couplemate™ is a manufacturer and vendor of high-quality towing, trailer, and caravan components. Couplemate™ Core Goods and Custom Work are guaranteed to be free of defects for the service life of the product when used as intended, as warranted under Couplemate™ Warranty Policy (“Our Care, Your Warranty”). Warranties are in addition to your consumer guarantee rights under the Australian Consumer Law.
    3. In the event a product be believed to be defective, cease use immediately and lodge a Warranty Claim at: www.couplemate.com.au/warranty/submit-claim.
      1. Couplemate™ requires the Claim Form to be filled in its entirety and to be submitted
        by the Customer with photos of the defective Goods (including a photo of the trailer
        VIN plate). Completed forms are to be emailed to: sales@couplemate.com.au.
      2. The completed Claim Form will be forwarded to multiple Couplemate™ departments (Engineering, Manufacturing, Management, Procurement) to investigate the issue and as such the Customer may be requested to provide additional information and photos.
    4. Couplemate™ aims to review Warranty Claims within 14 business days of submission and will notify the Customer that the claim has been received. This time frame is subject to change, so Customers requiring urgent parts are recommended to place an order via phone: 07 3348 3822.
    5. Couplemate™ reserves the right to inspect and assess Goods believed to be defective. In the event that a visual inspection is required, the component must be returned to: 136 Glenora Street, Wynnum 4178 Queensland, Australia.
      1. Whereby Goods can be posted or easily returned, it is the Customer’s responsibility to return the Goods to Couplemate™ for inspection. Customers are to retain a copy of receipts for transportation/postage costs.
      2. Whereby Goods cannot be posted or easily returned, Couplemate™ can organise and pay for collection/transportation of the Goods for inspection. Prior to collection, Couplemate™ will issue the Customer an estimated cost. 
    6. If a fault is found, Couplemate™ will issue a remedy under the ACL as well as reimburse the Customer for any reasonable return post costs.
    7. If a fault is not found, Couplemate™ will be unable to provide a remedy and, where applicable, may charge for transportation and reasonable costs as disclosed. Couplemate™ can return inspected Goods at the Customer’s expense (estimated costs will be provided prior to requesting a visual inspection).
    8. Warranties are non-transferrable and Couplemate™ requires satisfactory proof of purchase prior to issuing a remedy.
    9. Couplemate™ will not provide a remedy wherein Goods are subject to misuse, abuse, neglect, or otherwise abnormal use and the same applies to fatigued Goods (i.e. Goods beyond service life), Goods with Expected Wear, or faults arising from improper installation.
      1. Removal, breakdown, or part thereof, on surface coatings constitutes Expected Wear and is not covered by Couplemate™ warranty.
    10. It remains the full responsibility and liability of the Customer, or their chosen installer, to ensure proper installation and compliance with all relevant standards, guidelines, legislation, and governing bodies. 
    11. Couplemate™ shall not be held responsible nor liable for components, spare parts, Custom Work, or other Goods supplied to the Customer that are misused, abused, neglected, or otherwise abnormally used and/or installed resulting in a breach of legislation or regulation on any vehicle, powered or unpowered.
  9. Website Access & Content
    1. Access and continued access to the Website is, without limitation, at the sole discretion of Couplemate™ who may terminate Website access to any User, at any time, without notice.
    2. Couplemate™ will often add, amend, or remove Website content and such content is subject to change without notice. While adhering to best practices, Couplemate™ cannot guarantee accuracy and shall not be liable in the event of inaccurate information or omissions. All information, specifications, and data available on the Website are to only be used for informational purposes only. If the User has questions or concerns regarding Website content, please contact Couplemate™ via email at: marketing@couplemate.com.au.
    3. Those with a registered login are fully responsible and liable for the security of their account ogin information, including username, email address, and password. This includes all use and misuse of such information. If the User believes the login information has been compromised, immediately notify Couplemate™ by phone (07) 3348 3822 or by email to: sales@couplemate.com.au.
    4. Couplemate™ shall not be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of, or resulting from, the use or access of the Website and any other site linked to the Website.
    5. The Website may feature links to third-party sites, online resources, and businesses operated by an Other Entity. These third-party sites are not owned nor operated by Couplemate™ and therefore all liabilities and responsibilities fall outside of Couplemate™’s scope.
  10. Property Rights
    1. The Website is the property of Couplemate™ solely and is protected by Australian copyright and trademark laws.
    2. All images, drawings, written copy, and other elements on the Website are the intellectual property of Couplemate™ unless specified otherwise and shall not be copied or distributed elsewhere without the written permission of Couplemate™.
    3. All requests for using Couplemate™ intellectual property should be sent by email to: marketing@couplemate.com.au. All intellectual property must include a link back and acknowledgement to the Website and the original location if approval is received.
  11. Jurisdiction & Legality
    1. These Conditions, and all matters between Couplemate™ and the Customer, are conferred on the Federal Court of Australia with respect to civil matters arising under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (CCA). Whereby litigation, arbitration, or other disputes may arise, jurisdiction is to be conferred on Queensland Courts with respect to transfer requirements under the Act.
    2. If any part of these Conditions is held to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable by a Court of law, the legality, validity, and enforceability of the remaining parts will not be affected. Likewise, failure or delay by Couplemate™ to enforce any provision of these Conditions shall not be interpreted as a waiver of Couplemate™’s rights or remedies.
  12. Scam & Fraud Disclaimers
    1. Couplemate™ is aware of a growing number of fraudulent and misleading scams using the Couplemate™ brand name as well as the names of internal staff members. If the recipient is unsure of and would like the confirm the of the authenticity of any correspondence, please email marketing@couplemate.com.au. with any information.
    2. Under no circumstances will Couplemate™ do any of the following:
      1. Request that payment be made via gift card.
      2. Request changes to bank account details for payment via email.
      3. Request recipients provide personal details via survey or online form.
      4. Request recipients follow a bit.ly or similarly shortened link.
    3. Recipients are encouraged to stay informed on current scams and can report a scam through the government SCAM Watch website at: https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam
  13. Marketing Communications
    1. By entering in your email address in the checkout, completing a purchase, or subscribing to the mail list via our subscription form, the User agrees that Couplemate™ may send notifications regarding the Customer’s Order status and/or marketing offers.
    2. As required by the Spam Act 2003 (Cth), Couplemate™ provides all email recipients an opt out link (“unsubscribe” button) located at the bottom of all marketing mailings.
    3. The Website uses cookies to improve our website and your user experience. A cookie refers to a small file place in your device when you visit the Website, which collects information about your browsing behaviour. For more information, please refer to the Couplemate™ Privacy Policy available at: www.wholesale.couplemate.com.au/legal/privacy-policy.