Learn how To Fit and Install A Marine Seal To Your Axle

Marine Axle Seals and Boat Trailer Tips

This video shows you how to grease and install a trailer-bearing seal correctly. Steve explains the step-by-step procedure to install new bearing seals and beat water ingress. Marine Bearing kits offer a marine seal as opposed to a standard seal.

What is the difference between a marine and a standard seal?

  • A highway seal is affixed to the inside of the hub and spins with the hub
  • Whereas, a marine seal is affixed to the axle and does not spin
  • In addition, a marine-bearing seal utilises a stainless steel outer ring to enable the rubber seal to spin.

How to install a marine seal summary

  • Tap the outer stainless ring into the rear bearing boss.
  • Smear a little marine silicon on the axle seal surface.
  • Apply a liberal amount of grease into the seal lips to reduce friction drag.
  • Insert seal onto the axle journal that is smeared with silicon.
  • Finally, insert the hub or disc rotor into position and lock it with the axle nut.

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24 July 2019

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