Easy Axle Jack

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✓ Quickly check and change flat tyres.
✓ Easily check, change and grease wheel bearings
✓ Compact and light design for travelling.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™.

102 in stock

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Easy Axle Jack for Trailers & Caravans

The Couplemate™️ Easy Axle Jack is the easiest, most convenient way to raise a wheel on your caravan, camper or trailer.

Whether you need to change a flat tyre or check and re-grease your bearings, the Easy Axle Jack can lift round and square axles and the Couplemate™️ Independent Suspension.

Light and compact in design, the Easy Axle Jack is your new travelling partner for quick roadside tyre changes. You no longer need to carry a heavy jack to lift your trailer high in the air to remove your wheel.

Product Specifications

How to Use? To use the innovative Easy Jack from Couplemate™️, locate the C-shaped cavity under your axle (not the chassis). You will need the driver to move the vehicle, ensuring the observing is at a safe distance away.

  • Materials: Durable cast aluminium
  • Maximum Rating: 1000kg per wheel
  • Maximum VIN Weight: 1999kg
  • Maximum Axle Height: XXXmm (w/ additional XXmm clearance)
  • Includes printed Safety Instructions.

Important Safety Information

Couplemate™️ Easy Axle Jack is tested and approved to AS/NZS 2693:2007 Caravan Jacks. Before using it, you must read the safety instructions (available here).

Standard Caravan Jack releases the weight from the springs, causing the caravan to be lifted higher than usual. Easy Jack does not release spring tension, so be sure to have a friend watch the trailer axle from a safe distance as you do so.

TIP: Place a wood block approximately 29cm in front of your tyre to ensure no over-travel.

What tyres Will It Fit?

Tyre Size/Height:

  • 155 – 578mm
  • 165 -596mm
  • 175 – 611mm

Tyre Size/Height:

  • 195/668mm
  • 185/653mm

Tyre Size/Height:

  • 195 – 673mm
  • 205 – 668mm
  • 215 – 683mm
  • 225 – 697mm

Tyre Size/Height:

  • 185 – 684mm,
  • 195 – 696mm

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions50 × 30 × 8 cm


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