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Electronic Control Units (ECU) and Towing Looms

Why do I need an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) on my towbar? It would be true to say, being an Electrician, I can wire almost anything. Then along came the computer in motor vehicles. Computers are energy management systems. Computers monitor and control most of the...

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Truck Trailer Pintle Coupling Scales

If you are heavy on the scales, shift weight from the front of the axle set to a more central location. This action will lower the weight on your tow ball, allowing your vehicle to become lighter and therefore brake more effectively.

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Why does my Caravan push my Car when stopping?

Quite a normal question. Many people I talk to have asked themselves, without asking out loud. Back in the day when dad towing our caravan with his Holden, hitch-ups were something dada did and knew about. Truth is, he knew where the fuel when in the car and the...

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Bearing Buddy® fallen off or stolen? Video.

Bearing Buddy® is a machine fit as opposed to a compression fit. Machine fit sizes are not as flexible as compression fits. Unless you are aware of precautions that need to be taken, you may lose your bearing buddy® on the first bump in the road.

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How can I reduce Caravan Sway – video

How can I reduce Caravan Sway is a great question that has caused many new devices to be invented. The key to greatly reduce caravan sway is knowing the weight on your tow ball. Once you have adjusted the weight in your caravan or boat trailer, then it is a simple...

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