DO35 – DO45 Coupling Lock


DO35 – DO45 Coupling Lock


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DO35 - DO45 Coupling Lock

The new DO35 - DO45 Coupling Lock ensures the safety of your offroad camper or caravan when you're not there with the ultimate locking mechanism.

Stealing campers only require thieves to buy a replacement pin for $80 and then hook up your DO35 coupling. The theft is quiet and effortless.

The Cruisemaster Generation 2 Lock assembly consists of a steel dummy pin, two keys, a lock and a dust cover.

Locks do not stop theft, they help prevent theft by making it harder to steal equipment. Caravan and camper trailer locks are a deterrent against theft.

Also, consider purchasing a hitch pin lock to replace the hitch pin on your receiver bar.

Important: The lock is suitable for use with DO35 V2, DO35 V3, DO35 V3Plus and DO45 V1 Only. Not suitable for DO45Plus.

How does it work?

  1. The dummy pin is to be inserted into the DO35 universal joint from the top end and the tip of the pin will protrude out at the bottom.
  2. The lock is then fitted to the protruding end of the pin and locked with the key.
  3. The coupling becomes inoperable which prevents others from being able to hitch up to your trailer or van when you are not there.

Replacement Keys

Upon receipt of your Bi-Lock, fill out the form inside to register your lock number. All keys are unique for each lock.

Should you lose your key, Cruisemaster has your records safely stored and can supply a replacement key.

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DO35 - DO45 Coupling Lock


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