Trailer Mounted Electronic Brake Controller


Simply, easy installation via four wires

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Trailer Mounted Electronic Brake Controller

Brake controller chassis mounted, or under-dash mounted. Just four wires to connect. Note: Fuse protection to prevent reverse polarity. Electric trailer brake controllers fall into two categories, they are

  • Proportional
  • Non-Proportional.

Chassis-mounted controllers are non-proportional and are mounted under the dash or on the trailer. Proportional controllers like Redarc tow pro, tow pro elite and Tekonsha provide instant trailer braking forces according to the speed of the tow vehicle. Proportional controllers have emergency manual override control.

How does an under-dash or trailer-mounted controller work? The driver activates the controller from his normal seating position when the brakes are activated.

CM711 Single Axle Brake Controller

Designed and manufactured by GSL Electronics™. The CM711 is suitable for one axle trailers up to 2000kg (2.0t) with 12V electric brakes.

  • Minimum Operating Voltage: 12V DC
  • Nominal Operating Voltage: 13.2V DC
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 14.5V DC
  • No Load Currents: 8mA
  • Maximum Load Current: 4.3 Amps

CM712 Tandem Axle Brake Controller

  • Suitable for two axle trailers up to 2000kg (2.0t)

Designed and manufactured by Jaylec™.


This device does not meet the registration requirements in all states except Queensland and the NT.

Vehicles registered in Queensland and NT can travel in all states with this device installed as long the registration is current.

Furthermore, chassis-mounted brake controllers can be used nationwide in all rural and agricultural applications.

How to Wire External Brake Controller

  • BLACK WIRE – Connect to Battery via 20 amp fuse
  • RED WIRE – Connect to brake lamp active
  • BLUE WIRE – Connect to brakes – positive
  • WHITE WIRE – Connect to brake lamp negative – negative

This product is ideal if multiple vehicles tow your trailer with electric brakes.

How to set trailer braking

The knob on the controller must be pre-set according to the trailer’s weight. Most trailers carry the same weight daily—for example, builders’ trailers, car carriers, pop tops, RVs, etc. Multi vehicles can tow trailers with trailer-mounted brake controllers in Queensland and NSW. You no longer need multiple controllers in all cars to tow the same trailer.

We recommend that a licensed repair facility install Controllers.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 10 cm
Select Braking Capacity

One Axle, Two Axles



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