6.0t Safety Chain Hook Set (10mm)


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The G80 Safety Chain Hook (10mm) provides an easy way to connect G80 chains to your tow vehicle.

Accessible and safe way to attach trailer chain.
Suits caravans and trailers up to 6000kg (6.0t) ATM
TC 6400kg embossed on latched sling hook.

Component Type Approval: CTA-061304.

2 in stock

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G80 x 10mm Safety Chain Hook Set | CTA-Certified

Australian trailer and caravan owners use tow hooks for convenience.

Bow shackles, D-shackles, and butterfly clips (or hammerlocks) are generally quite fiddly. Moreover, conditions like arthritis can make connecting and disconnecting trailer chain a seemingly impossible challenge.

Safety Chain Hooks make it far less difficult for you to attach and undo your caravan’s safety chains.

13mm G80 (Grade 8) chain must be used with this tow hook set. Replacement G80 chain is available here in custom lengths.

Moreover, opting for Austlift™ brand of hooks means staying legal and safe.


G80 Hook Set ADR Compliance (Component Type Approval)

While there are many options for trailer hooks on the market, Couplemate™ only stocks Austlift™ safety chain hook sets because they have a Component Type Approval (CTA-061304).

As discussed in our CTA Technical Post, Couplemate™ strongly believes in the significance of a CTA on trailer and towing safety.

Vehicle or trailer parts with a CTA guarantee that that the product (i.e. component):

  1. Has been tested to the relevant standards, and;
  2. Meets the requirements of those relevant standards.

These two factors ensure that Australians buying hooks or shackles with a CTA receive a safe product every time.


Manufacturer Specifications

These G80 Safety Chain Hook Sets have been tested to, and are compliant with: AS3776-2015, AS4177.4, and ADR 62/02.

  • Towing capacity: 6.4t ATM
  • Breaking force: 12,800kg *
  • Shackle standards: 1000kg WLL, breaking at 5.95t
  • Chain breaking strength (per AS4177):
    • 13mm G80 Chain: 5261.73kg

* 4 to 1 safety factor as per AS3775.2

Important: Non-galvanised G80 13mm chain must be used with this set.

What’s in the Safety Chain Hook Set?

In the hook set, you will receive:

  • 2 x Eye Sling Hooks
  • 2 x Hammerlock Chain Connectors

Installation instructions are included in the product packaging. View or download a digital copy here.

N.B. Hooks and connectors have the TC of 4000kg embossed (written) in the casting. Hooks must be used with the connectors in the kit.


Other Trailer Chain Hook Sets

Couplemate™ is a distributor of Austlift™ tow hooks in the following sizes.

Tow hooks are sometimes referred to as sling hooks, hook n slings, safety latches, or sliding hooks.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm
Maximum ATM

6000kg (6.0t)


ADR 62/02, AS3776, AS4177.4


High-Tensile Alloy Steel (G80)


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