60mm Standard Tandem Hanger Kit


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60mm Standard Tandem Hanger Suspension Kit

60mm standard tandem hanger kit is suited to shackle springs 60mm wide.

Jayco was one of the caravan manufacturers that used spring suited to this kit.

It is not unusual to replace hangers and shackle bolts before the rocker roller spring fails. Heavier suspension systems require more maintenance than light systems.

Hanger replacements can be purchased separately; however, once one hanger expires, it is wise to replace the complete set.

Lubricate greaseable pins frequently rather than less often. Nylon bushing in the spring eyelets does not require greasing.


  • 2 x Centre Rocker Arm
  • 2 x Rocker Hanger
  • 4 x Front and Rear Hangers
  • 2 x 18mm Centre Pin and Nylock
  • 4 x shackle plate and bolt kits
  • 4 x High Tensile Non-greaseable Bolts

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When do shackle springs need replacing?

Though built for high endurance, the shackles that initially come with a vehicle will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Throughout your ownership of a given car, the shackles are liable to fatigue, corrode and ultimately crack as time and the elements take their toll.

If the problem persists, the vehicle will make troubling movements and be rendered less reliable. In a worst-case scenario, the shackle on at least one side could abruptly give way on an interstate highway, many miles from the nearest auto shop.

Therefore, replacing worn leaf spring shackles is crucial before the problem gets out of hand and the vehicle becomes a hazard to you, your passengers and fellow motorists.

When the time comes to replace the OEM shackles, a new leaf spring shackle kit will help ensure smoother rides on all terrain. With strong and fully functioning shackles, rides are safer and more comfortable for everyone involved.

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