60mm Round Galvanised Axle


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60mm Round Galvanised Axle – Australian Made

60mm round galvanised axles are cut from bare axle steel and sent to the galvanisers. Orders for axles up to 2450mm are cut and machined from this steel.

Galvanised axles up to 2450mm are therefore the same price.

Couplemate braked axles are guaranteed for life against faulty workmanship.

How an axle is machined determines how well the bearings wear. Bearing journals require smooth, accurate surfaces to ensure long bearing life.

Important: When ordering, let us know the chassis width of your trailer. We will install the axle pads as an optional extra.

Choose from these bearing profiles:

Caravan axles and their maximum load capacity

  • 39mm Round Axle – 750kg rating
  • 39mm Round Axle – Galvanised
  • 40mm Square Axle – 1000kg rating
  • 40mm Square Galvanised Axle – 1000kg
  • Round Axle 45mm – 1600kg
  • 45mm Round Galvanised Axle – 1600kg
  • Square Axle 45mm – 1600kg
  • 45mm Square Parallel – 1600kg
  • 45mm Galvanised Square Axle – 1600kg
  • 50mm Square Axle – 2500kg
  • 50mm Galvanised Square Axle – 2250kg
  • 60mm Round Axle – 3000kg

Additional information

Weight90 kg
Dimensions240 × 60 × 60 cm
Face to Face Length

1500mm, 1525mm, 1550mm, 1575mm, 1600mm, 1625mm, 1650mm, 1675mm, 1700mm, 1725mm, 1750mm, 1775mm, 1800mm, 1825mm, 1850mm, 1875mm, 1900mm, 1925mm, 1950mm, 1975mm, 2000mm, 2025mm, 2050mm, 2075mm, 2100mm, 2125mm, 2150mm, 2175mm, 2200mm, 2225mm, 2250mm, 2275mm, 2300mm, 2325mm, 2350mm, 2375mm

Bearing Profile

Dexter 2.0t (2250kg), Australian 2.0t (2250kg), Australian 3.0t (3000kg)


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