AL-KO Castellated Axle Nut

AL-KO Castellated Axle Nut


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AL-KO Castellated Axle Nut - Parallel, 2t and 3t Axles

AL-KO castellated axle nut fits only Alko and Dexter axles.

Holden, Ford and slimline bearings use 16tpi x 3/4 inch Axle Nuts.

Quality axles contain 2 x 5mm holes drilled at 90 degrees to one another. These two holes allow maximum options to tighten and secure the axle nut with a split pin.

Al-ko Axle Nut Specifications

  • Parallel - Alko 14TPI
  • 2t - Alko 14TPI
  • 1.6t Dexter Half Nut - 14TPI - 13.5mm High
  • 3t x 1.25 inch - 12TPI

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Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 cm
Axle Thread Parts

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