50A LED Screw Connector


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26 in stock

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50A  LED Screw Connector

50A LED screw connector has been a long time coming, and we are pleased to announce this fabulous power connector has arrived thanks to Trailer Vision.

No more crimping lugs before fitting into the terminals. Just measure the length to be inserted, solder and connect.

Why solder the cable before screwing it into the terminal? Read this article.

Two screws secure each soldered wire into position. Twist the cores of the cable and solder before inserting into the screw connector terminals. Soldered joints provide a perfect electrical connection.

Do not forget to twist the LED cables into the twisted loom before soldering.

Purchase 50A, 120A and 175A plug covers frm the links below:


The LED is located on the front of the connector to provide a positive indication the plug has power.

This connector, by Trailer Vision is ideal for the car side plug connectors because the LED is facing you.

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