45mm Tandem Shackle Hanger Kit

45mm Tandem Shackle Hanger Kit


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45mm Tandem Shackle Hanger Kit

45mm tandem shackle hanger kit is simple to mount. Follow the how-to instructions below

spring hanger

Note: Tandem springs hangers have been installed incorrectly. Learn why below.

Installation Procedure

  • Install centre hanger.
  • Install spring rocker.
  • Install rear spring to the centre rocker.
  • Install rear sping hanger 25mm longer than the spring eye. Note the common mistake in the image above?
  • Measure rear hanger and centre hanger distance.
  • Install front hanger same distance.

The hangers should be pointing forward with the rig in a no-load position and on its wheels.

Once the trailer is loaded, the spring hangers will point towards the rear of the trailer @ 5 pm.

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Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 10 cm


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