Standard Holden Bearing Seal LM

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467 in stock

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Standard Holden Bearing Seal

Standard holden LM grease seal, ID 37.5mm, OD 59.10mm.

Why are metal seals better than rubber seals?

Metal Seals are not distorted when inserting them into the hub or drum. Metal Grease Seal Holden LM requires care during insertion into the hub. On some seals, not LM seals, there is a small spring inserted under the lip of the seal.

Be careful not to dislodge this spring from under the lip. Bearings are often destroyed by this spring when it inadvertently becomes dislodged.

Standard Holden Grease Seal fits all 39mm round axles and 40mm square axles.

How to install a rubber seal

Carefully smear a small amount of grease on the axle profile before inserting the hub over the axle.

The effect of a dry seal is similar to the impact of dry bearings; the lip of the seal will burn as a result of friction. A burnt seal allows air and water into your bearings.

Rubber seals are more difficult to insert into the hub. As a result, we recommend using metal seals. Rubber seals can be found on some budget axle assemblies.

Finally, Couplemate only recommends and uses the highest quality parts on all of its axle assemblies, including metal ring seals.

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