Ford Slimline Marine Seal


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222 in stock

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Slimline Marine Seal

Slimline marine seal suits Ford bearings installed on slimline or parallel axles.

Common axle sizes are

  • 45mm Round,
  • 45mm Square.
  • 50mm Round.
  • 50mm Square.


43.9mm ID, 59.10mm OD

Ford Seal Instructions

Check the seal fits perfectly onto the axle journal before proceeding further.

Grease the seal ID before installation onto the axle. The grease lubricates the marine seal and helps prevent heat associated with heat.

Insert stainless steel ring into the rear of the hub and make sure it is hard against the outside of the hub boss.

Insert rubber seal over the axle journal

Insert hub and bearings over rubber seal.

The hub should be pushed hard onto the rubber seal, and the rubber seal should be hard against the axle shoulder.

The axle shoulder prevents the slimline marine seal from sliding further down the axle.

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