Independent Coil Suspension

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  • independent coil suspension kit 1250kg

    Independent Coil Suspension Kit 1250kg

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  • Independent coil suspension kit 1600kg

    Independent Coil Suspension Kit 1600kg

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  • independent coil suspension kit 2250kg

    Independent Coil Suspension Kit 2250kg

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Independent Coil Suspension

Independent coil suspension systems are designed to give your trailer or caravan a boost in durability. They help it take rough roads in its stride.

Yes, all parts are replaceable and upgradeable including coil springs which can be found here.

The Australian flatlands aren’t all that flat. The outback is full of bushes and craggy terrain. These make it inaccessible to people who don’t own a vehicle with 4-wheel drive. These utes can handle uneven surfaces, and drive through mud, sand, and even ford shallow water bodies with ease. But anyone who’s ventured Into the GAFA knows that calling the Aussie terrain uneven is a complete understatement.

Your 4×4 automobiles have sturdy and versatile suspensions that allow them to navigate across the arid plains. But what about your trailer? It makes no sense having a vehicle that can wade through a rocky stream if your trailer is incapable of following.

Why You Need Independent Coil Suspension

Trailers come with stock suspensions that can handle a good amount of punishment. Once you’re out on your own, though, you won’t find much help if your trailer suspension breaks down. You need to equip your caravan trailer wheels with an independent coil suspension. This piece of equipment will give your trailer the same terrain adaptability as your off-roader.

But every seasoned off-road trailer-tugger knows that when it comes to the GAFA, anything can go wrong, anywhere, anytime. And your trailer’s independent coil suspension failing is on that list of anything. If this happens, just call Couplemate. We’ll bring you a new spare trailer independent coil suspension and other spares you need, like brake kits and shock absorbers wherever you are. And if your particular trailer suspension is not in stock, we’ll figure out a way to get that spare independent coil suspension just for you. We will then deliver it to you within 48 hours.

Couplemate sells only sells the best quality trailer and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.

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